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RIP: N/A Things

Some of the Things on previous lists are no longer doable, so I'm removing them from the list entirely.

My powerlifting trainer moved away and it is extremely unlikely I'll get another one, so that nullifies these:
01b. Bench press 200 lbs
02b. Dead lift 300 lbs
03b. Squat 350 lbs

Markeroni.com is gone, so that takes care of these:
93b. Rejoin Markeroni
57a. Get completely caught up on outstanding Markeroni snarf logs
47/58a. Reach 4000 snarfs on Markeroni
59a/53. Finish snarfing Fairfax City/County
60a/53. Finish snarfing Alexandria

I moved out of the townhouse I owned for 11 years, rendering these inapplicable:
12. Landscape the front yard
16a. Decorate basement landing/steps
23b. Refinish front steps
18/99b-11. Install hardwood flooring in either living room or study
99b-9. De-squeak bathroom door

And finally, Squidoo is gone (Thing 51), the CD player in my car doesn't really work anymore (Thing 17a), and I got a job where I don't have Tableau (Thing 99b-40), so those are out too. But all in all, given that I started my first list in March 2010, that's not too shabby.

New Things

01c. BRRP Things

I've added a couple of new Things in order to consolidate related Things from previous lists.

23. Finish reading the Bible
28. Read 1 non-Christian book for BRRP
47a. Make BRRP vol. 1
38b. Make quantifiable progress on the BRRP

The BRRP stands for the Big Religious Reading Project. I started it, like, a thousand years ago (give or take). The idea was to read a bunch of religious texts, both the original Holy Books (the Bible, the Koran, etc.) as well as books about religions. As I read, I'd write down my thoughts (and, as it turned out, a general summary). I got as far as Ezra in the Bible, and still have that and all the other books I'd amassed on the shelf. I'd really like to continue this. I just can't seem to make the time for it. But maybe I will, eventually, so it goes back on the list. I don't have a set finish line for this Thing. I'll declare it Complete when I feel it in my heart, or something.

There were a few things left over that I'd planned on putting on my next list, so what the heck, let's list them here. They should be pretty self-explanatory:

02c. Ride the Ferris Wheel at National Harbor
03c. Visit the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore
04c. Read the Chronicles of Narnia
05c. Visit Yorktown
06c. Do an ancestry DNA test
07c. Visit the National Cathedral
08c. Attend a professional wrestling live show
09c. Finish Oslo journal
10c. Finish Disney 2017 journal
11c. Finish Centreville journal

My 101/1001 List c-ish

"101" Things in "1001" Days, List C-ish: There Can Be Only One
Started: 11 August 2018
Total number of Things: 136
Finished: 0
Last Updated: 11 August 2018

bolded are complete
italics are in progress
strikeout are failed

01a/04b. Donate blood
05/10b. Make a will
05b. Don't eat fast food for a month
06c. Do an ancestry DNA test
07a/99b-1. Complete Podrunner Gateway to 8k
08. Drink only water for one week
08b. Get weight under 200 lbs
09. Log 1001 miles on the stationary bike [749.65/1001]
13/99b-4. Get a safe deposit box
17b. Deposit my pennies
19b. Frame and hang ASCMM poster
20b. Frame and hang Bill's Disney park maps
21b. Frame and hang Pixel Who poster
22b. Get a new desk chair
84/19a. Host a board game night
87b. Go a full month without playing any stupid pointless soul-sucking games (solitaire, kakuro, Neopets, etc.)
99b-13. Take a basic car maintenance class/workshop
99b-5. Give up soda for one month
99b-66. Go hiking every weekend for a month

09c. Finish Oslo journal
10c. Finish Disney 2017 journal
11c. Finish Centreville journal
21a/99b-27. Complete 10 ATC swaps on Swap-bot [0/10]
23a/33b. Finish S&R comic
24a/31b. Fill purse sketchbook
26a. Do a commission
28b. Create a T-shirt quilt
30b. Do an annual memory LJ post series
31/25a/31b. Fill TAD sketchbook
33/99b-16. Answer 10 mailart calls [0/10]
39/27a. Take a painting class
39b. Pick three fairy tales and illustrate/comicize them
40/49a. Learn amigurumi and create 1 critter
41b. Try out my easel and everything that came with it
42b. Do one of my drawing or writing books
45/99b-24. Make a calendar of my own art
46a. Make S&R book
49. Finish and post 5 short stories. [0/5]
52/99b-26. Respond to all prompts in A Writer's Book of Days
99b-15. (Self-)Publish book of comics
99b-17. Attend a crop party
99b-19. Draw at a museum
99b-21. Get travel sketch stool
99b-22. Have a stay-at-home private art retreat
99b-23. Keep a sketch diary every day for a month
99b-25. Participate in 24-Hour Comics Day
99b-28. Try needle felting

01c. BRRP Things
04c. Read the Chronicles of Narnia
26/36a/52b. Reread childhood picture books and post reviews
27/37a/44b. Read all the Death Note manga/novels
34a. Read TMNT comic collections
35a/99b-37. Read Doctor Who books
39a. Watch SFF DVD collection
43b. Listen to Doctor Who audio dramas
46b. Read one book of Bill's choosing
51b. Read TMNT comic collections
99b-29. Get to 3000 books registered on BookCrossing
99b-31. Listen to Nightvale
99b-32. Listen to the rest of the Sherlock Holmes tales
99b-34. Read a book and then watch the movie based on it for 5 different books
99b-35. Read a book I've been meaning to read for years now. (Audiobooks don't count!)
99b-36. Read all "found" books received prior to 10/1/2015
99b-38. Reread Wheel of Time
99b-39. Watch a movie I've always meant to see.
99b-71. Read all "to read" bookmarks at work
101-12. Watch Destroy All Planets/Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
101-13. Watch Dominion Tank Police
101-14. Watch Drunken Master
101-17. Watch Enter the Dragon
101-19. Watch Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
101-21. Watch Hero
101-23/45b. Watch the Death Note movies
101-25. Watch Macross Plus
101-3. Watch Audition
101-31. Watch Police Story
101-32. Watch Puppet Master I
101-33. Watch Puppet Master II
101-34. Watch Puppet Master III
101-37. Watch Star Odyssey
101-42. Watch Traffic
101-6. Watch Brotherhood of the Wolf
101-9. Watch Crime Story

05c. Visit Yorktown
07c. Visit the National Cathedral
54b. Visit an OBCZ I've never been to before
59b. Go on an overnight trip with the girls
62b. Visit Ash Lawn
68b. Visit my sister
69. Go camping
99b-42. Fly first class
99b-43. Get two new National Park Service stamps
99b-45. See the Northern Lights
99b-46. Visit Frontier Culture Museum
99b-47. Visit Canada
99b-49. Visit Chincoteague/Assateague
99b-50. Visit New York City
99b-51. Visit Philadelphia again
99b-52. Visit Skyline Drive in the autumn and do some plein air sketching
99b-53. Visit the Outer Banks
99b-54. Visit York PA and take some factory tours
99b-63. Visit the Poe House in Richmond

02c. Ride the Ferris Wheel at National Harbor
03c. Visit the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore
77a. Visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
78a. Visit Hillwood Estate
78b. Tour the Baltimore Zoo
79a. Visit the German-American Heritage Museum
80a. Visit the Folger Shakespeare Library
83/75b. Go to the top of the Washington Monument (reopens Spring 2019)
84a. Visit Canada
86a. Attend a festival I've never been to before
99b-55. Bike the entire W&OD Trail
99b-57. Go to SPX
99b-58. Make three donations to local charities. [0/3]
99b-62. Visit the Poe House in Baltimore

08c. Attend a professional wrestling live show
45a/99b-70. Put something on YouTube
56. Find 10 geocaches [0/10]
82b. Achieve Inbox Zero at home
85b. Eat a whole lobster with my hands
89b. Make a good faith effort to go through Google Bookmarks
91. Learn how to tie a tie
92a/99b-76. Turn my handwriting into a font
95b. See a performance of dueling pianos
96. Go to a drive-in movie
96b. Send all postcards in my possession as of October 1, 2015
97b. Try absinthe
98/91a/90b. Make good faith effort to go through "figure out later" folder
99b-60. Try Tim Horton's
99b-64. Drive a go-cart
99b-65. Go fruit picking (apple, peach, whatever)
99b-67. Make a pie on pi Day
99b-69. Put postcards in photo albums
99b-72. Ride in a hot air balloon
99b-73. Sample a new-to-me world cuisine
99b-74. See three new-to-me bands live
99b-75. Take one picture of each of the cats every month for a year.


Where to go from here

So technically my 1001 days ended on 28 June 2018. I did not do so well, to say the least (my first year I completed 62 things; take two was 59; this time was 55). I had grand designs to do a Big Blog Post Catch-up Event but I ended up buying a house instead. As you do.

But here's the thing: I don't plan on doing another round of this. It's been fun, but I'm clearly no longer as invested as I once was. So I'm changing tactics. I'm combining all the undone Things from my three lists and will tackle them without a deadline. This gives me somewhere to brag about my accomplishments but not stress me out. Providing I remember to blog here on the regular, which is not terribly likely, but who knows!

You might notice some "c" list items. I did that in order to consolidate related but not identical Things from previous lists, as well as add a few new ones just for giggles. I'll introduce those in separate posts. I'll also make a post about the Things I did not include.


Thing 91b - complete

91b. Make three Kiva loans

Date Completed: 1 April 2017

I made two loans each on 20 March 2016 and 1 April 2017, as well as another two on 15 April 2018, so I do believe this is done. I just wasn't paying attention.

Thing 37b - complete!

37b. Make a good faith attempt at NaNoWriMo

Completed: 16 November 2017

I quit early but I still consider this a good faith attempt.

Thing 99b - recap

99b. Do one thing on my back-up list

Technically I only had to do one thing, but I've decided to mention when I do other things too. Because it makes me feel good about myself.

2. Figure out breakfast
I still occasionally hit the drive-thru in the morning, but most mornings I make my own breakfast wraps: egg and cheese in a tortilla. Very filling, very quick to make. And I make my own coffee at home, which also helps, though I also keep K-cups at work.

3. Get a massage
Date Completed: 12 November 2016
I've never been to a spa, but when my friend invited me on a spa weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV, I decided to go.

6. Get a professional bra fitting
Date Completed: 29 July 2017
They were having a sale at Lane Bryant/Cacique, so I went ahead and got my free fitting. They said I went up a cup size, which I suppose is possible. Just annoying because it means I'm now in that annoying gap between the regular stores and the plus-size stores.

7. Calendars for study and both offices each year
Date Completed: 1 January 2018
Even got a fancy pocket calendar for the study in 2017 and 2018.

8. Clean out writing bin
Date Completed: 30 July 2016
My writing bin was on the top shelf of my closet, admittedly far too heavy of an object for such a place. I didn't really have anywhere else to put it, and anything I'd want to work on already exists on my computer, so I went through it in order to prepare it for going into storage. A little bittersweet, but necessary.

10. Get new cloth grocery bags
Completed: 8 January 2016
My work had a "yard sale" with a bunch of free corporate swag. I picked up a bunch of bags to replace our deteriorating Giant-brand ones. They seem to be working fairly well, though one did rip within a couple of weeks.

14. Test smoke detectors
I had my husband do around the time change. Helps that they're hard-wired rather than battery-powered.

19. Draw at a museum
Completed: 26 December 2015

20. Figure out what to do with Wreck This Journal
Date Completed: 30 July 2016
As part of my deep closet clean, I found this. I paged through it, was reminded of how gross it was, and ended up throwing it away.

30. Get to 3000 wild releases on BookCrossing
Dunno when I reached this, but I did. Probably in April 2017 for Kensington.

33. Read a biography of Van Gogh
Date Completed: 19 August 2017

The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in ArlesGet two new National Park Service stamps</i>
Date Completed: 3 April 2016
Got loads of new stamps when I visited Fort Foote, Oxon Hill, and Fort Washington, all in Maryland.

48. Visit Charlestown, WV
Completed 17 Jan 2016
Sometimes I feel a need to wander off by myself and explore. Previously, hunting historical markers had provided some structure to this. This time I just picked a direction and ended up in Charlestown. It has a nice little downtown, but nothing's open on Sunday and once it started to snow I decided to leave.

56. Go to Centreville Day
Date Completed: 21 October 2017
Identical to the time I went 6 years before, sadly.

57. Go to SPX
Date Completed: 18 September 2016
I'm not sure why I took this one off my main list. My husband has long since stopped attending with me (the crowds are too terrible for him) but I like to make an appearance. I find it very inspiring. SPX is the Small Press Expo - basically a convention for indie comics. The main draw is the exhibition hall, where hundreds of artists and publishers peddle their wares. (There were 675 exhibitors in the program this year.) The hotel ballroom where it's held isn't nearly large enough, but we all manage to squeeze in there somehow. (These are the crowds my husband cannot handle, and I can only deal with in small doses, like once a year.) The extra awesome part of this year's excursion is that I ran into some fellow DC Drink & Draw members. They gave me a logo sticker to wear, which sparked a surprising number of conversations with other folks. Afterward, we went to dinner around the corner and drew. A fantastically inspiring day all around.

61. Visit Prospero’s Books in Manassas
Completed: 3 July 2016
Sometimes I have a need to just go off and wander around on my own. Since I had a party to attend that evening, I didn't stray far from home. During my wanderings, I hit Prospero's Books, a somewhat claustrophobic used book store. It has an interesting inventory, including an entire room of books that cost a quarter each, but ultimately nothing struck my fancy.


Thing 57b - complete!

57b. Attend a BookCrossing (Un)Convention

Date Completed: 23 April 2017

I attended the BookCrossing Convention in Oslo, Norway and had a fantastic time and promptly failed to blog about it.

Things 58b, 63b, and 56b - complete!

I did three Things all in one swell foop!

Date Completed: 10 November 2017

58b. Go on a solo road trip
I took the Veterans Day holiday to take a trip to south central Virginia, namely to Farmville, Appomattox, Pamplin, and Lynchburg. Good times all around.

63b. Visit Appomattox
This was part of my road trip. I was actually not all that impressed, but I'd also just come from a couple of extremely powerful museum exhibits on race relations in Farmville, so maybe I was just expecting too much.

56b. Buy a new book from an indie bookstore
In Lynchburg I stopped by Givens Books, where I bought Quackery by Lydia King, The Wicked Boy by Kate Summerscale, and Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life by Jeff Wilser. Amazing how "I'm going to go in and buy one thing" turns into permission to buy All The Things. I put four other books back on the shelves before going to the cashier.

Thing 53b - complete!

53b. Send 10 RABCKS

Date completed: 17 February 2018

I had a whole lot of rejections and lack of responses, but I did manage to send out ten wish list books:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness to ComradeCamper
2. Wild Man Creek to love2cook
3. My Side of the Mountain to BuffHeart
4. Castle Perilous to elizardbreath
5. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? to aramena
6. Sharp Objects to BooksandMusic
7. Sharp Objects to faeriemyst
8. Blood Drive to faeriemyst
9. Bull Run to Buffheart
10. Star War Super Graphic to Spatial

Thing 83b - complete!

83b. Achieve Inbox Zero at work

Date complete: 24 March 2018

I changed jobs but not organizations and cleaned my inbox down to zilch in the process. Go me!

Thing 92b - complete!

92b. Post a picture of me holding Hook in August of each year

Date Completed: 31 August 2017

I actually took this photo on the last day of August last year and then proceeded to never upload it. Of course.


Thing 6b - Complete!

06b. Get engagement ring fixed

Date Completed: 22 September 2017

I stopped wearing this well over a year ago because I'd started worrying it might fall apart. One of the posts was sheared off and two gems were loose, plus there was a scratch in the main stone. But they did a fantastic job fixing it, and it's lovely again. :)

Thing 77b - complete!

77b. Tour Ben Lomond

Completed: 7 October 2017

Ben Lomond was a lot more interesting than I'd expected because it had been a field hospital during the Civil War and is dressed up like that now, complete with sounds and scents. Definitely worth visiting, but be prepared. That gangrene smell is something else.

Thing 7b - complete!

07b. Get T. Rowe Price stuff sorted

Date Completed: 8 May 2018

I got a new job at the beginning of April, and a month later I rolled my 401K accounts from two previous jobs into the current one, so I'm all set. For now. Heh.

Thing 70b - Complete!

70b. Attend a local festival or fair

Date Completed: 7 October 2017

When I first picked out this Thing, the idea was that I'd attend a local festival that I hadn't attended before. However, I didn't specify, so I decided to count Centreville Day 2017. I hadn't been to one since 2011, and was a bit disappointed to discover that the festival had changed not one whit. Whomp whomp.

Thing 76b - complete!

76b. Start a hyperlocal tourism journal and make five entries

Completed: 22 October 2017

My original idea for this journal was more text-based, with restaurant reviews and stuff like that, but ultimately decided it should be a sketchbook. It's still a work in progress, with some sketches of various landmarks and plans to gluebook over the pages ruined by false starts (of which there have been several). I think it'll end up being something I can be proud of, though its deadline is surprisingly the same as the end of these 1001 days, as I'm closing on a house in Rockville, Maryland, at the end of June. Goodbye, Centreville! Hopefully I'll get all my drawings done before I leave. I think I will. There actually isn't a whole lot here interesting enough to draw.

Thing 47b - Complete!

47b. Read one of Ixy's favorite books

Date Completed: 12 May 2018

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett: Moist von Lipwig, fresh off the scaffolds, is offered a job in lieu of a death sentence for his many swindles: become postmaster. This is no small task: unsent letters have been piling up in the post office for decades, and everyone stopped mailing letters when the "clacks" - a sort of visual telegraph - came to be. With the help of a memorable cast of characters, Moist takes it upon himself to save the post office and return it to its former glory, even if he has to return to his old con-artist ways to do it. The whole thing is very fun and very funny, and you don't even have to be familiar with Discworld to enjoy it. (I read the first Discworld book over a decade ago so I was basically coming into it cold.) Definitely recommended.

Thing 48b - complete!

48b. Read one of Kate's favorite books

Date Completed: 22 December 2017

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: Cath is a prolific author of Simon Snow fanfic (Simon Snow being the protagonist of the fictional Totally Not Harry Potter series by Gemma T. Leslie) and starting her first year of college. She is, quite simply, completely outside her comfort zone. Her twin sister Wren has decided to try living apart for the first time ever, so Cath is rooming with a stranger named Reagan and, for all intents and purposes, Reagan's maybe-boyfriend Levi. She is taking an upperclass-level writing course taught by an actual novelist, and befriends Nick, who starts as her partner in an assignment and becomes a regular cowriter. Cath is kind of a pile of neuroses to begin with, so all this change on top of the regular family drama she's already dealing with makes her life pretty difficult. But I gotta say, this was a delight to read. I was transported back to college in so many ways, both in general (dorm life, walking everywhere) and more specific (creative writing classes, the dark recesses of the library at night, attending a Harry Potter book launch party). I've never been a big fanfic writer, but there was once a time when writing was almost like breathing, the way it is for Cath. Most importantly, I loved all the characters. I've encountered versions of them in real life many times, and perhaps because of that I felt a deep affection for all of them, even the terrible ones (but in different ways).

Interspersed in the book are selections from Simon Snow - either the original books, fanfic written by Cath and Wren in high school, or from Cath's current work in progress, "Carry On Simon". The similarities to Harry Potter are intentional, of course, but there's enough difference for the passages to be interesting. Cath is a huge fan of Simon Snow - all her posters and t-shirts and most of her other stuff is somehow related - and yet her fandom is never treated like a joke. The reader is never meant to look down on her for it. It's a refreshing change, really. Cath isn't one of those fans who won't hear a word against her beloved characters; as a fanfic author, she loves writing endless "what if" stories, exploring how the world would be if Gemma T. Leslie had made different choices. This novel is, in some ways, a love letter to fandom in general.

In short (ha!), I really, really enjoyed this book. Some of it was nostalgia, I'm sure, but mostly I just liked the characters and their interactions and I wanted to hear more about their lives. I'd love for there to be a sequel about Cath's sophomore year, and one of these days I do plan on picking up Carry On. (Yes, Rowell wrote a full-length version of the Simon Snow book Cath is writing throughout Fangirl.) I don't really consider myself to be a fangirl in general, but I am a fan of Fangirl.

Thing 50b - complete!

50b. Read one of Six's favorite books

Date Completed: 22 December 2017

Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith: Jeff joins the Union Army in Kansas and fights in the Civil War for a few years. Stuff happens, of course, but that's the gist of it. This book took me forever to read. Not because it's long - it isn't, especially - but because it just didn't really hold my interest. I think I've just read too much about The Civil War. I did like reading about the Native American involvement, which is something that doesn't come up much in a lot of the narratives. But I already knew a lot about camp life and battles from that era, and I was not comfortable with the slave characters, who all seemed to love their masters so much. That said, if you want to read and otherwise fairly realistic depiction of the Civil War out in the western territories, this is a decent read. Just be sure to read other stuff to give it the proper context.

Thing 88b - Complete

88b. Go completely unplugged for one weekend

Date Completed: 24 September 2017

Perhaps not completely. Even when I wrote this I anticipated still using electricity, as well as checking email and text messages every so often. Mostly I just axed social media, RSS feeds, video games, and TV. I spent a lot of time reading, combining this with Thing 55b, and did a few other things around the house - cleaning, sorting, writing, etc. It was nice. I did no drawing, but I'm not beating myself up over that because I simply wasn't in the mood. I also wasn't a complete hermit: the hubs and I did some shopping on Saturday and we went to dinner with friends on Sunday. I also did a lot of sleeping. I suspect some of those naps would have been spent mindlessly surfing the internet or playing yet another round of solitaire, so it's not like I was any less productive for it.

In the end, I think this was a good exercise for me, if not a sustainable one long term. There were times when I really wanted to fart around on the internet or check Instagram, but it prevented me from spending long stretches of time doing absolutely nothing on my computer. I need to learn how to do that more often.

Thing 24b - Complete

24b. Ruthless clothing purge: pants

Date Completed: 24 September 2017

Well, that was easy. I tossed all but three pairs of pants not currently in the regular rotation. One of those I could wear now, one I can technically wear but is too snug for work, and one is definitely too small and I didn't even bother trying on but maybe someday. I'm not sure I've ever worn them, to be honest, and maybe they'll be a waste of space but given how much space I just freed up, I'm willing to take that risk.

Thing 55b - Complete

55b. Walk into the library, select one book based on the cover, and spend a weekend reading it

Date Completed: 22 September 2017

Nothing caught my eye on either the Hispanic History Month or Hot Picks shelves, so I wandered over to the new arrivals. It's good that I selected one from there because it kept me from "cheating" and picking up something from my wish list. I ended up choosing Lost Science: Astonishing Tales of Forgotten Genius by Kitty Ferguson. It's a collection of stories about people who made scientific advances but are largely forgotten today, of people who are known but whose own legends have overshadowed their actual accomplishments, or of those who discovered/invented something first but didn't necessarily get credited with it by history. It was good. I actually finished it Sunday night, which wasn't even required.

Thing 32b - Complete

32b. Fill ten pages in general gluebook

Date Completed: 24 September 2017

This was one of those "just do it" kind of Things. I like gluebooking but almost all I do are GST spreads. It felt good to be completely random. It also inspired me to clean out my ephemera box. I set aside the stuff that's too large to fit in any of my current gluebooks, put the teeny stuff in a little box so they're easier to find when I need something to fill a small space, and tossed a bunch of stuff I simply don't like. So it was doubly useful.

Thing 14b - Complete

14b. Clean out left side of closet - shelves

Date Completed: 24 September 2017

The stationery bin was kind of a mess. Most of the work was pairing cards with envelopes and wondering where the heck all the matching envelopes went and where all these non-matching envelopes came from.

Thing 40b - lagging behind

40b. Post, on average, one comic a month

Current Progress: 18/33 (55%)

I need to step up production if I'm going to finish this Thing.

17. Sleeping
18. Wise Words from Kori Michele


Things 11b, 18b, and 60b - Complete!

11b. Clean car inside and out
18b. Fill desk drawers
60b. Renew passport

I did all of these things many moons ago but I don't remember when so I'm setting them to today. Yay!

Thing 72b - Retconning to Completeness

72b. Go on a group bike ride with NoVa Casual Bike Riding Group

I ended up quitting this group because I could never make any of their rides and they were starting to enforce the Meetup.com fees (which make total sense if you actually attend the meetups, which I did not). HOWEVER, I've decided to change this out and mark it completed because I did something actually a whole lot more awesome: completed the Culpeper Gran Fondo, a 50k non-timed bike ride. So here's my little bit of revisionist history, now reflected in my list:

72b. Complete the Culpeper Gran Fondo

Completed: 5 August 2017

Ta da! ;)

Thing 74b - Complete!

74b. Go to a flea market

Date Completed: 17 January 2016

I completely forgot about this Thing, then when I was browsing my list I thought, "Hey wait a second..." and looked back in my GST logs and discovered that I'd actually visited Collectable Treasures back in January of last year. So yay!

Thing 84b - Complete!

84b. Do a link rot check on writing prompt websites list

Completed: 8 September 2017

I was gonna actually write. Needed some inspiration. Remembered I have an entire page of writing prompt links. Ended up doing a link rot check instead. Yay productivity!

Thing 61b - Complete

61b. Take advantage of BoA free museum weekend

Completed: 2 July 2017

Like many things in my life, I did this entirely on a whim and drove up to the Delaware Museum of Natural History for an afternoon. Not worth the trip - it's small and doesn't really have a whole lot of stuff, really. But I was in need of a nice long drive, and that fit the bill. And I got a Thing out of it, so win-win.

Thing 69b - Complete

69b. Attend 5 plays

Completed: 4 May 2017

I got an opportunity to attend the final dress rehearsal of Private Lives, a Noel Coward play put on by the Reston Community Players. It was funny and kind of dark and very British, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Thing 79b - complete

79b. Visit Dinosaur Land

Completed: 29 May 2017

I've been wanting to go to Dinosaur Land ever since I first discovered it. It was everything I thought it would be. Pictures here.

Thing 40b - a couple more

40b. Post, on average, one comic a month

Current progress: 16/33 (48%)

15. Temperature
16. Volume


Thing 9b - Complete

9b. Go to the gym every day for a month

Completed: 31 March 2017

This was mostly to see if I could do it. And hey, turns out I can. I don't think going to the gym every day is a very good idea for me. The lack of rest days meant I phoned it in too often, and the large chunk of time required ended up eating into my sleep so I was tired all the time. But I did it and I'm proud of myself for that.

Thing 94b - Complete

94b. Say "yes" to something I would not normally do

Date Complete: 12 November 2016

My friend invited me on a spa weekend in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. I'd never had a massage or a facial or even seen the inside of a spa, so I went along with her and a few other ladies (some of whom I'd met before and some I hadn't). In short, definitely out of my comfort zone. But very nice. (Well, until I was bitten by some insect that caused itchy red blotches to sprout all over my body, but other than that, quite the lovely weekend.)

Thing 65b - Complete

65b. Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Completed: 14 October 2016

Had a lovely time with some friends. Even made a GST Spread from it.

Thing 49b - Complete

49b. Read one of Reve's favorite books

Completed: 10 October 2016

I chose Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.

I hadn't expected this book to be so entertaining. It's basically a collection of psychological experiments to test biases and illogical behavior that we all share. I was particularly impressed by the three options tests, where you have option A, option B, and a third option that's basically option B but a little bit worse, in which case most of the time people will choose option A - far more often than if they only have to choose between A and B. A lot of good food for thought in this one, particularly for people (like me) who think of themselves as generally rational. Recommended.

Thing 47b - belated intro

47b. Read one of Ixy's favorite books

Ixy gave me her book list ages ago and I just keep forgetting to post it here. She didn't include authors so I had to do a bit of Googling. I also removed the ones I'd already read:

Legends Tales from the Eternal Archives 1 by Margaret Weis
Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
Going Postal by Terry Pratchett
In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson
Sphere by Michael Crichton
Ten Little Indians (I assume this is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie)


Thing 71b - Complete

71b. Visit 10 new-to-me restaurants.

Date completed: 8 January 2017

Charlie Chiang's, Centreville: My husband has to be in a very special mood to eat at an unfamiliar restaurant, so while he was out of town I tried out this place. (He's often said he doesn't want to eat there, but I think he might be confusing it with P.F. Chang's.) I had pork lo mein (very tasty) and a Philly roll (good but a little bit bland - I needed soy sauce, which I usually don't with Philly rolls). I'll have to try their sashimi at some point.

Sakoonthai, Clifton: Unlike My Thai Place in neighboring Centreville, Sakoonthai had mediocre spring rolls but very tasty Pad Thai. And spring rolls aren't really a deal breaker for me anyway, so all is well. So glad to have found a good place for Pad Thai so close to home.

Matsu Sushi, Centreville: My husband was craving sushi so we tried this place. It was good, and reasonably priced. I had the roll combo (California, tuna, and salmon rolls) and he had the sushi deluxe (assorted nigiri plus a California roll). I also ordered chicken yakisoba for the next day's lunch. Everything came with salad and miso soup. All quite tasty. It's nice to know we have a local takeout place for sushi.

Penn Station East Coast Subs, Reston: This was am impulse stop after discovering that apparently the entire county stops by the Reston Whole Foods at lunchtime. I had a pizza sub. It was decent - plenty of meat, cheese, and veggies - though the bread wasn't anything to write home about. Not somewhere I'd go out of my way to visit, but nice to know it's an option.

Southside 815, Alexandria: I went with friends after a lovely sketch outing at the Frederick Douglass house. In honor of him (and his wife, whose biscuit recipe was very popular), we shared an order of 815 Biscuits: "Fresh backfin crab and Virginia ham simmered in homemade country gravy and served over sweet potato biscuits." Those were super tasty, and I'm not usually a fan of either sweet potatoes or biscuits and gravy. I ordered the fried pork chops for dinner. I didn't like the gravy, the chops were decent but a touch dry, and the garlic green beans were okay, but the mashed potatoes were fantastic. My friend's pot roast was pretty good, too (we each tried a bite of the other's meal).

MOD Pizza, Fairfax: The gimmick here is that all toppings are free. And that's pretty great, actually. The pizza is thin and crispy, so if you like that kind of crust, you'll probably like this (I do). The garlic bread was a bit much, though. Not sure if it was too much rosemary or what. But I'd go back for the pizza.

Thing 73b - Complete

73b. Go on a Potomac cruise

Date Completed: 17 September 2016

I have my friend Kate to thank for this one. Her friend was able to reserve tickets for us for the annual Colonial Market and Fair. Potomac cruises are free that day, so we took the very first one, which went from the Mount Vernon wharf up to Fort Washington and back. It was quite lovely, and I'm so glad we went in the morning because wow did it get hot once the clouds parted.

Thing 36b - Complete!

36b. Make a gluebook for REDACTED

Completed: 10 September 2016

This was a sooper-seekrit birthday present for my dear friend Six. She liked it. That makes me happy. :)

Where are we now?

We're a little more than 11 months into this 1001 days, and while I'm catching up on blogging, I think it's time for a quick status update.

Key: finished/in progress/total

Personal: 0/1/10
Home and Car: 6/0/16
Art and Writing: 3/1/16
Books and Movies: 0/0/14
Travel: 3/0/12
Local: 2/2/13
Misc.: 0/1/16
Meta: 2/1/4

So that makes 16 complete and another 6 in progress. Hmm. I'd really thought I was further along, to be honest. I should be at least a third of the way done. Luckily, I'm still feeling excited about my Things. I just keep forgetting to blog about them. And, y'know, do them.


Thing 98b - in progress

98b. Make a new 101/1001 list

I've begun! There are only 9 entries on it yet, but that's more than zero!


Thing 29b - complete

29b. Disney Trip Book

Completed 7 May 2016

This was my first attempt at a combined diary, art journal, and gluebook. It came out fairly well, I think. It's not as fat as some of my other trip books because I decided only to use one side of the page. It was easier for drawing/writing, and I think it worked out well with the gluebooking as well. A fun trip over all - next time I'll be sure to bring my clip-on light so I can do more sketching in the evening.

Thing 80b - complete

80b. Visit the Manassas Museum

Completed 3 July 2016

It's not a large place, but it's got a decent amount of things on display. Probably not somewhere I need to visit again.

Thing 71b - progress

71b. Visit 10 new-to-me restaurants.

Current Progress: 4/10

Dogs and Wings, Manassas - Okay but nothing to write home about. The hot dog was ridiculously messy and the mac'n'cheese was just okay.

My Thai Place, Centreville - Good spring rolls, pretty mediocre Pad Thai. Tasted like the stuff made from the packets you can buy at the grocery store: that is, not a whole lot like actual Pad Thai.

Saravana Palace, Fairfax - Vegetarian Indian buffet. Pretty good. The naan was fantastic, but it's hard for me to judge the rest because I'm not the biggest fan of Indian spices to begin with.

Sweetgreen, Reston - A bit like Chopt except locally sourced where possible and all gluten-free except where noted. (My coworker, who has celiac disease, recommended this place to me.) Quite yummy, though I'm fairly certain every meal is dusted with a hearty helping of smugness. Good for a filling salad with tastier-than-ordinary ingredients.


Thing 69b - progress

69b. Attend 5 plays

Current Progress: 4/5

Oliver (6/25/2016) - A student production (ages 8-18) in central Illinois. About what you'd expect from kids, but Fagan was absolutely fantastic. And it's a fun show in general, though I'd forgotten just how abrupt the ending is.

Phantom of the Opera (7/24/2016) - Professional touring company at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Sumptuous and fun, but I kind of wish I'd seen the original run of it, which apparently had much more extravagant sets.


Thing 67b - complete

67b. Visit Grandma

Completed 23 June 2016

Technically, I met up with my grandmother at my parents' house, but I'm counting it. The goal wasn't to visit the city where my grandmother lives, after all. :) It was lovely seeing her, as always.

Thing 64b - complete

64b. Visit C/U

Completed 23 June 2016

Had a lovely and slightly longer than usual visit. Saw friends and family, ate at my favorite restaurants, and generally chilled. Delightful.

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