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Thing 88b - Complete

88b. Go completely unplugged for one weekend

Date Completed: 24 September 2017

Perhaps not completely. Even when I wrote this I anticipated still using electricity, as well as checking email and text messages every so often. Mostly I just axed social media, RSS feeds, video games, and TV. I spent a lot of time reading, combining this with Thing 55b, and did a few other things around the house - cleaning, sorting, writing, etc. It was nice. I did no drawing, but I'm not beating myself up over that because I simply wasn't in the mood. I also wasn't a complete hermit: the hubs and I did some shopping on Saturday and we went to dinner with friends on Sunday. I also did a lot of sleeping. I suspect some of those naps would have been spent mindlessly surfing the internet or playing yet another round of solitaire, so it's not like I was any less productive for it.

In the end, I think this was a good exercise for me, if not a sustainable one long term. There were times when I really wanted to fart around on the internet or check Instagram, but it prevented me from spending long stretches of time doing absolutely nothing on my computer. I need to learn how to do that more often.

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