thingism (thingism) wrote,

Things 58b, 63b, and 56b - complete!

I did three Things all in one swell foop!

Date Completed: 10 November 2017

58b. Go on a solo road trip
I took the Veterans Day holiday to take a trip to south central Virginia, namely to Farmville, Appomattox, Pamplin, and Lynchburg. Good times all around.

63b. Visit Appomattox
This was part of my road trip. I was actually not all that impressed, but I'd also just come from a couple of extremely powerful museum exhibits on race relations in Farmville, so maybe I was just expecting too much.

56b. Buy a new book from an indie bookstore
In Lynchburg I stopped by Givens Books, where I bought Quackery by Lydia King, The Wicked Boy by Kate Summerscale, and Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life by Jeff Wilser. Amazing how "I'm going to go in and buy one thing" turns into permission to buy All The Things. I put four other books back on the shelves before going to the cashier.
Tags: complete, thing 56b, thing 58b, thing 63b

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