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Thing 99b - recap

99b. Do one thing on my back-up list

Technically I only had to do one thing, but I've decided to mention when I do other things too. Because it makes me feel good about myself.

2. Figure out breakfast
I still occasionally hit the drive-thru in the morning, but most mornings I make my own breakfast wraps: egg and cheese in a tortilla. Very filling, very quick to make. And I make my own coffee at home, which also helps, though I also keep K-cups at work.

3. Get a massage
Date Completed: 12 November 2016
I've never been to a spa, but when my friend invited me on a spa weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV, I decided to go.

6. Get a professional bra fitting
Date Completed: 29 July 2017
They were having a sale at Lane Bryant/Cacique, so I went ahead and got my free fitting. They said I went up a cup size, which I suppose is possible. Just annoying because it means I'm now in that annoying gap between the regular stores and the plus-size stores.

7. Calendars for study and both offices each year
Date Completed: 1 January 2018
Even got a fancy pocket calendar for the study in 2017 and 2018.

8. Clean out writing bin
Date Completed: 30 July 2016
My writing bin was on the top shelf of my closet, admittedly far too heavy of an object for such a place. I didn't really have anywhere else to put it, and anything I'd want to work on already exists on my computer, so I went through it in order to prepare it for going into storage. A little bittersweet, but necessary.

10. Get new cloth grocery bags
Completed: 8 January 2016
My work had a "yard sale" with a bunch of free corporate swag. I picked up a bunch of bags to replace our deteriorating Giant-brand ones. They seem to be working fairly well, though one did rip within a couple of weeks.

14. Test smoke detectors
I had my husband do around the time change. Helps that they're hard-wired rather than battery-powered.

19. Draw at a museum
Completed: 26 December 2015

20. Figure out what to do with Wreck This Journal
Date Completed: 30 July 2016
As part of my deep closet clean, I found this. I paged through it, was reminded of how gross it was, and ended up throwing it away.

30. Get to 3000 wild releases on BookCrossing
Dunno when I reached this, but I did. Probably in April 2017 for Kensington.

33. Read a biography of Van Gogh
Date Completed: 19 August 2017

The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in ArlesGet two new National Park Service stamps</i>
Date Completed: 3 April 2016
Got loads of new stamps when I visited Fort Foote, Oxon Hill, and Fort Washington, all in Maryland.

48. Visit Charlestown, WV
Completed 17 Jan 2016
Sometimes I feel a need to wander off by myself and explore. Previously, hunting historical markers had provided some structure to this. This time I just picked a direction and ended up in Charlestown. It has a nice little downtown, but nothing's open on Sunday and once it started to snow I decided to leave.

56. Go to Centreville Day
Date Completed: 21 October 2017
Identical to the time I went 6 years before, sadly.

57. Go to SPX
Date Completed: 18 September 2016
I'm not sure why I took this one off my main list. My husband has long since stopped attending with me (the crowds are too terrible for him) but I like to make an appearance. I find it very inspiring. SPX is the Small Press Expo - basically a convention for indie comics. The main draw is the exhibition hall, where hundreds of artists and publishers peddle their wares. (There were 675 exhibitors in the program this year.) The hotel ballroom where it's held isn't nearly large enough, but we all manage to squeeze in there somehow. (These are the crowds my husband cannot handle, and I can only deal with in small doses, like once a year.) The extra awesome part of this year's excursion is that I ran into some fellow DC Drink & Draw members. They gave me a logo sticker to wear, which sparked a surprising number of conversations with other folks. Afterward, we went to dinner around the corner and drew. A fantastically inspiring day all around.

61. Visit Prospero’s Books in Manassas
Completed: 3 July 2016
Sometimes I have a need to just go off and wander around on my own. Since I had a party to attend that evening, I didn't stray far from home. During my wanderings, I hit Prospero's Books, a somewhat claustrophobic used book store. It has an interesting inventory, including an entire room of books that cost a quarter each, but ultimately nothing struck my fancy.
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