thingism (thingism) wrote,

Where to go from here

So technically my 1001 days ended on 28 June 2018. I did not do so well, to say the least (my first year I completed 62 things; take two was 59; this time was 55). I had grand designs to do a Big Blog Post Catch-up Event but I ended up buying a house instead. As you do.

But here's the thing: I don't plan on doing another round of this. It's been fun, but I'm clearly no longer as invested as I once was. So I'm changing tactics. I'm combining all the undone Things from my three lists and will tackle them without a deadline. This gives me somewhere to brag about my accomplishments but not stress me out. Providing I remember to blog here on the regular, which is not terribly likely, but who knows!

You might notice some "c" list items. I did that in order to consolidate related but not identical Things from previous lists, as well as add a few new ones just for giggles. I'll introduce those in separate posts. I'll also make a post about the Things I did not include.
Tags: milestones
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