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My 101/1001 List c-ish

"101" Things in "1001" Days, List C-ish: There Can Be Only One
Started: 11 August 2018
Total number of Things: 136
Finished: 0
Last Updated: 11 August 2018

bolded are complete
italics are in progress
strikeout are failed

01a/04b. Donate blood
05/10b. Make a will
05b. Don't eat fast food for a month
06c. Do an ancestry DNA test
07a/99b-1. Complete Podrunner Gateway to 8k
08. Drink only water for one week
08b. Get weight under 200 lbs
09. Log 1001 miles on the stationary bike [749.65/1001]
13/99b-4. Get a safe deposit box
17b. Deposit my pennies
19b. Frame and hang ASCMM poster
20b. Frame and hang Bill's Disney park maps
21b. Frame and hang Pixel Who poster
22b. Get a new desk chair
84/19a. Host a board game night
87b. Go a full month without playing any stupid pointless soul-sucking games (solitaire, kakuro, Neopets, etc.)
99b-13. Take a basic car maintenance class/workshop
99b-5. Give up soda for one month
99b-66. Go hiking every weekend for a month

09c. Finish Oslo journal
10c. Finish Disney 2017 journal
11c. Finish Centreville journal
21a/99b-27. Complete 10 ATC swaps on Swap-bot [0/10]
23a/33b. Finish S&R comic
24a/31b. Fill purse sketchbook
26a. Do a commission
28b. Create a T-shirt quilt
30b. Do an annual memory LJ post series
31/25a/31b. Fill TAD sketchbook
33/99b-16. Answer 10 mailart calls [0/10]
39/27a. Take a painting class
39b. Pick three fairy tales and illustrate/comicize them
40/49a. Learn amigurumi and create 1 critter
41b. Try out my easel and everything that came with it
42b. Do one of my drawing or writing books
45/99b-24. Make a calendar of my own art
46a. Make S&R book
49. Finish and post 5 short stories. [0/5]
52/99b-26. Respond to all prompts in A Writer's Book of Days
99b-15. (Self-)Publish book of comics
99b-17. Attend a crop party
99b-19. Draw at a museum
99b-21. Get travel sketch stool
99b-22. Have a stay-at-home private art retreat
99b-23. Keep a sketch diary every day for a month
99b-25. Participate in 24-Hour Comics Day
99b-28. Try needle felting

01c. BRRP Things
04c. Read the Chronicles of Narnia
26/36a/52b. Reread childhood picture books and post reviews
27/37a/44b. Read all the Death Note manga/novels
34a. Read TMNT comic collections
35a/99b-37. Read Doctor Who books
39a. Watch SFF DVD collection
43b. Listen to Doctor Who audio dramas
46b. Read one book of Bill's choosing
51b. Read TMNT comic collections
99b-29. Get to 3000 books registered on BookCrossing
99b-31. Listen to Nightvale
99b-32. Listen to the rest of the Sherlock Holmes tales
99b-34. Read a book and then watch the movie based on it for 5 different books
99b-35. Read a book I've been meaning to read for years now. (Audiobooks don't count!)
99b-36. Read all "found" books received prior to 10/1/2015
99b-38. Reread Wheel of Time
99b-39. Watch a movie I've always meant to see.
99b-71. Read all "to read" bookmarks at work
101-12. Watch Destroy All Planets/Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
101-13. Watch Dominion Tank Police
101-14. Watch Drunken Master
101-17. Watch Enter the Dragon
101-19. Watch Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
101-21. Watch Hero
101-23/45b. Watch the Death Note movies
101-25. Watch Macross Plus
101-3. Watch Audition
101-31. Watch Police Story
101-32. Watch Puppet Master I
101-33. Watch Puppet Master II
101-34. Watch Puppet Master III
101-37. Watch Star Odyssey
101-42. Watch Traffic
101-6. Watch Brotherhood of the Wolf
101-9. Watch Crime Story

05c. Visit Yorktown
07c. Visit the National Cathedral
54b. Visit an OBCZ I've never been to before
59b. Go on an overnight trip with the girls
62b. Visit Ash Lawn
68b. Visit my sister
69. Go camping
99b-42. Fly first class
99b-43. Get two new National Park Service stamps
99b-45. See the Northern Lights
99b-46. Visit Frontier Culture Museum
99b-47. Visit Canada
99b-49. Visit Chincoteague/Assateague
99b-50. Visit New York City
99b-51. Visit Philadelphia again
99b-52. Visit Skyline Drive in the autumn and do some plein air sketching
99b-53. Visit the Outer Banks
99b-54. Visit York PA and take some factory tours
99b-63. Visit the Poe House in Richmond

02c. Ride the Ferris Wheel at National Harbor
03c. Visit the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore
77a. Visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
78a. Visit Hillwood Estate
78b. Tour the Baltimore Zoo
79a. Visit the German-American Heritage Museum
80a. Visit the Folger Shakespeare Library
83/75b. Go to the top of the Washington Monument (reopens Spring 2019)
84a. Visit Canada
86a. Attend a festival I've never been to before
99b-55. Bike the entire W&OD Trail
99b-57. Go to SPX
99b-58. Make three donations to local charities. [0/3]
99b-62. Visit the Poe House in Baltimore

08c. Attend a professional wrestling live show
45a/99b-70. Put something on YouTube
56. Find 10 geocaches [0/10]
82b. Achieve Inbox Zero at home
85b. Eat a whole lobster with my hands
89b. Make a good faith effort to go through Google Bookmarks
91. Learn how to tie a tie
92a/99b-76. Turn my handwriting into a font
95b. See a performance of dueling pianos
96. Go to a drive-in movie
96b. Send all postcards in my possession as of October 1, 2015
97b. Try absinthe
98/91a/90b. Make good faith effort to go through "figure out later" folder
99b-60. Try Tim Horton's
99b-64. Drive a go-cart
99b-65. Go fruit picking (apple, peach, whatever)
99b-67. Make a pie on pi Day
99b-69. Put postcards in photo albums
99b-72. Ride in a hot air balloon
99b-73. Sample a new-to-me world cuisine
99b-74. See three new-to-me bands live
99b-75. Take one picture of each of the cats every month for a year.
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