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New Things

01c. BRRP Things

I've added a couple of new Things in order to consolidate related Things from previous lists.

23. Finish reading the Bible
28. Read 1 non-Christian book for BRRP
47a. Make BRRP vol. 1
38b. Make quantifiable progress on the BRRP

The BRRP stands for the Big Religious Reading Project. I started it, like, a thousand years ago (give or take). The idea was to read a bunch of religious texts, both the original Holy Books (the Bible, the Koran, etc.) as well as books about religions. As I read, I'd write down my thoughts (and, as it turned out, a general summary). I got as far as Ezra in the Bible, and still have that and all the other books I'd amassed on the shelf. I'd really like to continue this. I just can't seem to make the time for it. But maybe I will, eventually, so it goes back on the list. I don't have a set finish line for this Thing. I'll declare it Complete when I feel it in my heart, or something.

There were a few things left over that I'd planned on putting on my next list, so what the heck, let's list them here. They should be pretty self-explanatory:

02c. Ride the Ferris Wheel at National Harbor
03c. Visit the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore
04c. Read the Chronicles of Narnia
05c. Visit Yorktown
06c. Do an ancestry DNA test
07c. Visit the National Cathedral
08c. Attend a professional wrestling live show
09c. Finish Oslo journal
10c. Finish Disney 2017 journal
11c. Finish Centreville journal

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