thingism (thingism) wrote,

RIP: N/A Things

Some of the Things on previous lists are no longer doable, so I'm removing them from the list entirely.

My powerlifting trainer moved away and it is extremely unlikely I'll get another one, so that nullifies these:
01b. Bench press 200 lbs
02b. Dead lift 300 lbs
03b. Squat 350 lbs is gone, so that takes care of these:
93b. Rejoin Markeroni
57a. Get completely caught up on outstanding Markeroni snarf logs
47/58a. Reach 4000 snarfs on Markeroni
59a/53. Finish snarfing Fairfax City/County
60a/53. Finish snarfing Alexandria

I moved out of the townhouse I owned for 11 years, rendering these inapplicable:
12. Landscape the front yard
16a. Decorate basement landing/steps
23b. Refinish front steps
18/99b-11. Install hardwood flooring in either living room or study
99b-9. De-squeak bathroom door

And finally, Squidoo is gone (Thing 51), the CD player in my car doesn't really work anymore (Thing 17a), and I got a job where I don't have Tableau (Thing 99b-40), so those are out too. But all in all, given that I started my first list in March 2010, that's not too shabby.
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