thingism (thingism) wrote,

One Year Left

According to my calculations, yesterday marked one year left of our 1001 days. Which means I should be somewhere around two thirds of the way done, which I totally am not, but that's all right.

I am in progress on several Things, so here's a quick update on some of those:

7a. Complete Podrunner Gateway to 8k - I'm currently in week four of First Day to 5k. I'm doing a modified version. I'm trying to run every week's mix three times but most of the time it ends up being just twice. However, weeks 5 and 6 have three mixes each, and I plan on treating each of those as individual weeks, so over all I'll be taking a lot longer to finish the program. Which is fine. I plan on tackling Gateway to 8k more traditionally. I fully expect it to kick my ass.

34a. Read TMNT comic collections - One and a half volumes left, if I recall correctly.

35a. Read Doctor Who books - I've only read one of the twelve so far. It was good, but I need to space them out. Unlike the show, I don't think I can binge on the books.

39a. Watch SFF DVD collection - This may end up being a failure, because my computer keeps saying there are errors on the discs. I'll try them in the TV, or maybe even my laptop, before giving up.

23a. Finish S&R comic & 46a. Make S&R book & 47a. Make BRRP vol. 1 - I do not anticipate any of these being finished within the next year. I'll call it a win if I even make any progress on them, to be honest.

55a. Organize Markeroni photos - They're currently organized into states. I want to further sort them into subfolders based on marker type (state, Civil War Trails, etc.), but that hasn't happened yet.

99a. Help Spunkie accomplish a thing - Pretty sure she's not actually doing this anymore. But that's okay. Another dollar to charity is never bad.

And now a quick roundup, in which I discover that I actually have completed one less Thing than I thought.
done/in progress/not started:

Personal: 2/1/5
Car and Home: 7/1/4
Art: 1/3/3
Gluebooking: 3/1/0
Reading: 0/4/2
Watching: 3/0/2
Projects: 5/1/5
Markeroni: 3/2/3
BookCrossing: 1/1/2
Local: 11/0/6
Travel: 2/0/3
Misc.: 7/1/6

TOTAL: 45/15/41
Tags: milestones, thing 23a, thing 34a, thing 35a, thing 39a, thing 46a, thing 47a, thing 55a, thing 7a, thing 99a
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