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101/1001 (take 2) wrap-up

Time flies. I didn't do so well this time around. I think part of it was starting so quickly after the last time, not giving myself enough time to get excited about the next list after the craziness of finishing the previous one.

Final Stats:

Things completed: 59
Things in progress: 13
Things never even started: 29

Topic breakdown [complete/in progress/total]

Personal: [4/1/8]
Car and Home: [10/0/12]
Art: [1/3/7]
Gluebooking: [3/1/4]
Reading: [2/2/6]
Watching: [4/0/5]
Projects: [6/0/11]
Markeroni: [3/5/8]
BookCrossing: [2/1/4]
Local: [12/0/17]
Travel: [3/0/5]
Misc.: [9/0/14]


1a. Donate blood 5 times [2/5]

I really thought this would be as easy this time as last time, but for some reason I had a lot more trouble getting to the blood bank.

2a. Go to the dentist - 9/29/2014

I've been twice now, with another appointment already scheduled for next month. Yay for being an adult.

3a. Take an online course - 8/16/2014

I took two more Sketchbook Skool courses but somehow failed to finish either of them.

4a. Do something useful with my finances


5a. Write one thing I'm grateful for in my diary every day for a month - 6/30/2015

This became much easier once I got good about updating my bullet journal daily. I haven't written in my regular diary in about a year now.

6a. Buy new brown and black dress and work shoes - 1/10/2014

Amazing how much use these get.

7a. Complete Podrunner Gateway to 8k

When I chose this goal, I was probably only about six weeks away from being able to start this 10-week program. But it never materialized, because honestly, I really hate running. I just do it because it's more effective (for me) than any other cardio out there.

8a. Try a class at the gym

Honestly? Exercise classes make me feel bad about myself. I'm much happier working out by myself or with one other person.

Car and Home

9a. Clean out inside of car - 8/30/2013

I've done this at least twice since. I'm glad I put this on my list, though, because it ensures it gets done at all, and it's a chore I hate enough that it feels extra good to cross off the list.

10a. Deposit my pennies - 5/26/2013

I don't accumulate change as rapidly in this age of credit cards, but now that I'm working somewhere with a cash-only cafeteria, I expect this to be a more useful Thing in the future.

11a. Deal with postcard collection - 9/4/2015

I'm actually considering this one Done. I really liked going through the postcards I have, and keeping them in that bag is so handy because it means I have a place to stash it whenever I get a new one.

12a. Clean out file cabinet - 6/30/2013

Something I probably ought to do annually, but once every few years isn't bad.

13a. Clean out cabinet under bathroom sink - 7/6/2014

Ohhhh I am so pleased I did this. And I've been able to keep it clean since!

14a. Hang curtains in study - 2/12/2014

They're not thick enough or quite wide enough, but they're cute and they keep those stupid pinpoints of sunlight from poking my eyeballs.

15a. Clean out plastic shelves on desk - 11/21/2013

They're a mess again, but I have another Thing on the next list that involves getting rid of them completely. All part of kitten-proofing the desk.

16a. Decorate basement landing/steps

Part of the trouble here is that my husband is the real decorator of the house, and without any specific plans, things just never happened.

17a. Make three mix CDs for car

My CD player isn't working so well anymore, though that has little to do with why this didn't ever get done. I did get a USB stick which I intend to fill with music at some point, though.

18a. Organize and downsize "tupperware" collection - 10/6/2013

My husband apparently does this a couple times a year.

19a. Host a board game night

My husband and I would both like to do this, but it's a matter of timing and planning and whatnot. Maybe eventually.

20a. Make emergency car kit for the trunk - 9/4/2015

I actually did this a while back, but it wasn't a formal effort so I never blogged about it.


21a. Complete 10 ATC swaps on Swap-bot [4/10]

I was obsessed with making ATCs for a long time - one of the few swappable items I actually enjoy receiving as much as giving - but that kind of fizzled.

22a. Participate in a SketchCrawl - 10/19/2013

These are wonderful things and I wish I could participate in more that don't involve riding the Metro to attend.

23a. Finish S&R comic

I will finish this someday. Oh yes, I will. Dammit.

24a. Fill purse sketchbook
25a. Fill TAD sketchbook

Made good progress on both of these but wow are there are a lot of pages in a sketchbook.

26a. Do a commission

Not sure why I thought I'd get to the point where people would pay me to draw them something.

27a. Take a painting class

Still hope to do this someday, but it just didn't happen this time around.


28a. Fill GST gluebook - 6/14/2014

I went on enough trips that this actually wasn't too hard to do.

29a. Make a purple color sketchbook - 8/31/2014

This was fun but I think I'm done making monochrome journals for a while.

30a. Fill Jem journal gluebook - 7/27/2014

I was pleased to do this. It's fun to look through a general gluebook without any theme. I've collected some really weird crap over the years.

31a. Make a gluebook for my sweetie

I made decent progress on this but I think it needs some serious time and attention to finish.


32a. Get TBR pile under 50 books (even just temporarily) - 4/18/2015

One of the bigger accomplishments of my life. It is now back up to 61, but still not too overwhelming, and also way smaller than many of my friends' piles.

33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads) - 8/30/2015

Glad I did this, but I've decided it's really tedious to keep track of.

34a. Read TMNT comic collections

I got halfway through the fourth volume. So I should finish them this next time around without too much trouble.

35a. Read Doctor Who books

Only read two of the twelve. They're good but I found I didn't want to read multiple books in a row for some reason.

36a. Reread childhood picture books and post reviews

Still something I want to do. Maybe next time.

37a. Read all the Death Note manga/novels

Ugh, didn't even touch them. Which is dumb because I loved the anime and the first however-many volumes I read of the manga years ago.


38a. Finish The Key to Time - 7/12/2015

I love the Fourth Doctor and I love Romana, so I'm glad I dealt with the inconsistent availability of episodes on Netflix and Hulu to finish watching.

39a. Watch SFF DVD collection

I tried, but the DVDs were giving me errors. Dunno what's up with that.

40a. Watch Ghost in the Shell - 7/17/2013

Great series.

41a. Finish The Dresden Files - 1/13/2013

I really wish they'd made more than one season of this. It's very different from the books, and I love it just as much.

42a. Finish Farscape - 2/23/2013

So glad I finished this one.


43a. Go 1 month without playing any online puzzles or games (kakuro, Neopets, etc.) - 11/30/2013

I find it's healthy to do this from time to time. Sometimes I get stuck in ruts.

44a. Put together Ticket Stub Diary - 6/8/2013

This is a good way to keep my ticket stubs (the ones that don't end up in gluebooks, anyway).

45a. Put something on YouTube

I think the problem with this one is that I never had any clear idea of what I might want to do.

46a. Make S&R book

At this point, I'd have to do a whole bunch of re-scanning and I've kind of lost interest in the project. Maybe someday.

47a. Make BRRP vol. 1

Ugh. I cannot seem to get back into the groove with this, but I really really want to.

48a. Add authors to book review blog post titles - 12/28/2012

Not difficult, but I'm glad I did it, even though I no longer review books on my blog.

49a. Learn to crochet

I made a blob, and promptly failed to ever try again.

50a. Get ancestry.com account and make family trees for W, C, and M branches of the family - 9/4/2015

I'm counting this as done because I made such an amazing amount of progress on my husband's side of the family - as much as Ancestry.com had to offer until they upload more collections, really. I gave up on the W branch because my grandmother is researching that, but C and M are looking great.

51a. 2013 Project - 10/10/2013
52a. 2014 Project - 6/28/2014
53a. 2015 Project

Dunno what happened this year. Dunno what happened to this year, to be perfectly honest.


Linda, the founder of Markeroni and my good friend, passed away in March of this year. I haven't done any snarfing at all since. That's not the only reason I didn't get more of these done, but it's why I haven't touched them in the last six months, anyway. And why I don't feel like talking about them here.

54a. Snarf in 2 states I've never snarfed in before - 7/23/2013
55a. Organize Markeroni photos
56a. Scan/log pre-Markeroni snarfs - 11/30/2013
57a. Get completely caught up on outstanding Markeroni snarf logs
58a. Reach 4000 snarfs on Markeroni
59a. Finish snarfing Fairfax City/County
60a. Finish snarfing Alexandria
61a. Finish snarfing Falls Church - 2/24/2013


62a. Send 10 RABCKS - 11/21/2013

This was fun.

63a. Write a BookCrossing newsletter article

This was partly due to the newsletter going AWOL for quite a long time, but not entirely.

64a. Get to 3000 wild releases on BookCrossing

Current count: 2,753, meaning I released 938 books in 1001 days. Not bad!

65a. Do a TBR sweep - 12/28/2014

I'm getting better about doing this a little at a time, but it sure felt good to do it all at once. And was a huge factor in completing Thing 32a.


66a. Volunteer at the library - 5/3/2014

Nice people.

67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants - 2/25/2014

I'm always looking for new places to eat locally, so this is a good Thing for me.

68a. Attend 5 plays - 5/10/2014

My husband and I both love theater, so I'm hoping this continues to be a reasonably easy Thing to do.

69a. Visit the Museum of Crime and Punishment - 3/3/2013

We liked this one better than the Spy Museum, to be honest. A bit brutal at times, but very interesting.

70a. Go on a Potomac cruise

One day!

71a. Visit the National Postal Museum - 6/29/2013

Small, but very cute. I wish it was a little easier to get to. Union Station is a long Metro ride from me.

72a. Visit Glen Echo Park - 3/2/2014

Really cool but I bet it's way better in the summer.

73a. Visit National Arboretum - 8/22/2015

Nice, but not quite as interesting as I'd hoped. Maybe I should have taken one of the trolley tours.

74a. Visit Roosevelt Island - 6/2/2013

Pleasant, but again, not something I'd go out of my way to visit.

75a. Visit the Newseum - 12/30/2012

Just okay.

76a. Visit the Holocaust Museum - 09/21/2013

Very moving and definitely somewhere I don't want to visit again, but I'm glad I did and I'm extra glad I went with friends.

77a. Visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
78a. Visit Hillwood Estate
79a. Visit the German-American Heritage Museum
80a. Visit the Folger Shakespeare Library

All in DC, which is why I failed. I really hate going into town, and as time goes on it gets harder and harder to convince myself it's worth it.

81a. Visit the Stuart-Mosby Civil War Cavalry Museum - 10/7/2013

A nice little museum with very friendly people running it. I should go back sometime since it's so close to home.

82a. Visit the National Aquarium - 6/2/2013

So glad I got to visit this before it closed for good.


83a. Visit my sister - 7/20/2015

Really need to do this more than once every three years. Seriously.

84a. Visit Canada

My passport has expired. Heh. One day.

85a. Attend a BookCrossing (Un)Convention - 4/19/2013

Had so much fun in Sweden. Wish I'd been able to stay longer.

86a. Attend a festival I've never been to before

I could have sworn I did this but apparently not, or at least I never wrote it down.

87a. Do one Day Trip Through History - 2/16/2014

A nice excuse to go somewhere I'd never been before.


88a. Attend a mailart/letter-writing party - 5/9/2013

Met some lovely people and sent some fun mail art.

89a. Make three Kiva loans - 7/17/2013

Mostly I keep this Thing here to remind me to go back and re-loan my credits as they get repaid.

90a. Fly a kite - 4/26/2014

So much fun. Not sure why I never did it as a kid.

91a. Organize files in "figure out later" folder

Still hoping to do this but wow is it ever a huge job.

92a. Turn my handwriting into a font

Not sure why I wanted to do this in the first place, to be honest.

93a. Create paperback book of previous 101/1001 journal - 1/24/2014

Lulu.com is so wonderful. I love being able to have physical copies of my online journals.

94a. Say "yes" to something I would not normally do - 5/4/2013

Ended up making weird art with cool people up in Baltimore.

95a. Help Kate accomplish a thing - 3/24/2013
96a. Help Reve accomplish a thing
97a. Help Six accomplish a thing - 8/16/2013
98a. Help Ixy accomplish a thing
99a. Help Spunkie accomplish a thing

I think I might have been too strict with myself here, because I only counted it if said person actually accomplished the Thing I helped them with. Reve, Spunkie, and Ixy all more or less gave up on their lists. I don't blame them, but it does mean I didn't accomplish these Things.

100a. Donate $1 to charity for each goal left undone - 9/4/2015

By my calculations, I owed $62 for this Thing, which I donated to Doctors Without Borders.

101a. Make a new 101/1001 list - 9/4/2015

I'm super excited about my next list, though I reserve the right to make changes between now and October 1st.

On to the next! :D


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Sep. 5th, 2015 04:02 pm (UTC)
It was a rough go of it, and maybe there's just more of a learning curve to making good lists than you would expect - I thought my second list was way better than my first, but even discounting my midstream career change, it still had a lot of crap on it. And more-than-monthly counters? For the birds.

Your next list looks great, though. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.
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