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My 101/1001 List b

Start Date: 1 October 2015
Finish Date: 28 June 2018
Last Updated: 28 June 2018 (technically)
Current Progress: 55 Things Completed

bolded are complete
italics are in progress
strikeout are failed

01b. Bench press 200 lbs
02b. Dead lift 300 lbs
03b. Squat 350 lbs
04b. Donate blood
05b. Don't eat fast food for a month
06b. Get engagement ring fixed - 9/22/2017
07b. Get T. Rowe Price stuff sorted - 5/8/2018
08b. Get weight under 200 lbs
09b. Go to the gym every day for a month - 3/31/2017
10b. Make a will

Home and Car
11b. Clean car inside and out - 9/21/2017
12b. Clean out art supply drawers - 1/18/2016
13b. Clean out file cabinet - 5/30/2016
14b. Clean out left side of closet - shelves - 9/24/2017
15b. Clean out left side of closet - top shelf - 7/30/2016
16b. Deal with belt collection - 10/16/2015
17b. Deposit my pennies
18b. Fill desk drawers - 9/21/2017
19b. Frame and hang ASCMM poster
20b. Frame and hang Bill's Disney park maps
21b. Frame and hang Pixel Who poster
22b. Get a new desk chair
23b. Refinish front steps
24b. Ruthless clothing purge: pants - 9/24/2017
25b. Ruthless clothing purge: shirts - 7/25/2016
26b. Test all the pens and toss the ones that don't work - 2/6/2016

Art and Writing
27b. Big art project TBD
28b. Create a T-shirt quilt
29b. Disney Trip Book - 5/7/2016
30b. Do an annual memory LJ post series
31b. Fill at least one of these sketchbooks: purse, TAD, Everyday Matters
32b. Fill ten pages in general gluebook - 9/24/2017
33b. Finish S&R comic
34b. Host a project party - 2/20/2016
35b. Make a gluebook for my sweetie - 11/25/2015
36b. Make a gluebook for REDACTED - 9/10/2016
37b. Make a good faith attempt at NaNoWriMo - 11/16/2017
38b. Make quantifiable progress on the BRRP
39b. Pick three fairy tales and illustrate/comicize them
40b. Post, on average, one comic a month [18/33]
41b. Try out my easel and everything that came with it
42b. Do one of my drawing or writing books

Books and Movies
43b. Listen to Doctor Who audio dramas
44b. Read all the Death Note manga/novels
45b. Watch the Death Note movies
46b. Read one book of Bill's choosing
47b. Read one of Ixy's favorite books - 5/12/2018
48b. Read one of Kate's favorite books - 12/22/2017
49b. Read one of Reve's favorite books - 10/10/2016
50b. Read one of Six's favorite books - 12/22/2017
51b. Read TMNT comic collections
52b. Reread childhood picture books and post reviews
53b. Send 10 RABCKS - 2/17/2018
54b. Visit an OBCZ I've never been to before
55b. Walk into the library, select one book based on the cover, and spend a weekend reading it - 9/24/2017
56b. Buy a new book from an indie bookstore - 11/10/2017

57b. Attend a BookCrossing (Un)Convention - 4/23/2017
58b. Go on a solo road trip - 11/10/2017
59b. Go on an overnight trip with the girls
60b. Renew passport - 12/2/2016
61b. Take advantage of BoA free museum weekend - 7/2/2017
62b. Visit Ash Lawn
63b. Visit Appomattox - 11/10/2017
64b. Visit C/U - 6/23/2016
65b. Visit Colonial Williamsburg - 10/14/2016
66b. Visit David - 11/14/2015
67b. Visit Grandma - 6/23/2016
68b. Visit my sister

69b. Attend 5 plays - 5/4/2017
70b. Attend a local festival or fair - 10/7/2017
71b. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants - 1/8/2017
72b. Complete the Culpeper Gran Fondo - 8/5/2017
73b. Go on a Potomac cruise - 9/17/2016
74b. Go to a flea market - 1/17/2016
75b. Go to the top of the Washington Monument
76b. Start a hyperlocal tourism journal and make five entries - 10/22/2017
77b. Tour Ben Lomond - 10/7/2017
78b. Tour the Baltimore Zoo
79b. Visit Dinosaur Land - 5/29/2017
80b. Visit the Manassas Museum - 7/3/2016
81b. Vote in a primary election - 3/1/2016

82b. Achieve Inbox Zero at home
83b. Achieve Inbox Zero at work - 3/24/2018
84b. Do a link rot check on writing prompt websites list - 9/8/2017
85b. Eat a whole lobster with my hands
86b. Get another Ancestry.com account and update family trees -
87b. Go a full month without playing any stupid pointless soul-sucking games (solitaire, kakuro, Neopets, etc.)
88b. Go completely unplugged for one weekend - 9/24/2017
89b. Make a good faith effort to go through Google Bookmarks
90b. Make good faith effort to go through "figure out later" folder
91b. Make three Kiva loans - 4/1/2017
92b. Post a picture of me holding Hook in August of each year - 8/31/2017
93b. Rejoin Markeroni
94b. Say "yes" to something I would not normally do - 11/12/2016
95b. See a performance of dueling pianos
96b. Send all postcards in my possession as of October 1, 2015
97b. Try absinthe

98b. Make a new 101/1001 list
99b. Do one thing on my back-up list - 10/29/2015
100b. Make paperback book of previous 101/1001 - 10/15/2015
101b. Donate $1 to charity for each goal left undone



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Oct. 1st, 2015 11:17 am (UTC)
Yay! I wish you the best of luck with your list this time around! :-)
Oct. 1st, 2015 12:25 pm (UTC)
If you come visit I bet our friend Paul could help you with Thing 97. They even have the special absinthe spoon.

This is such a good list. I was confused at first when I clicked through (I get emailed about new posts here) until I remembered it's opening day!
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