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Thing 99b - the list

99b. Do one thing on my back-up list

When composing my current list, there were a large number of runner-up Things. Rather than choose, I decided to just make one generic Thing on this list to do something on that other list. But because I don't want to be fickle, here is that list, set in stone:

1. Complete Gateway to 8k
2. Figure out breakfast
3. Get a massage
4. Get a safe deposit box
5. Give up soda for one month
6. Get a professional bra fitting

Home and Car
7. Calendars for study and both offices each year [0/3]
8. Clean out writing bin
9. De-squeak bathroom door
10. Get new cloth grocery bags
11. Install hardwood flooring in either living room or study
12. Refinish deck (or have it refinished)
13. Take a basic car maintenance class/workshop
14. Test smoke detectors

Art and Writing
15. (Self-)Publish book of comics
16. Answer a mail art call
17. Attend a crop party
18. Attend NaNoWriMo kickoff and/or TGIO party
19. Draw at a museum
20. Figure out what to do with Wreck This Journal
21. Get travel sketch stool
22. Have a stay-at-home private art retreat
23. Keep a sketch diary every day for a month
24. Make a calendar of my own art
25. Participate in 24-Hour Comics Day
26. Respond to all prompts in A Writer's Book of Days
27. Swap ATCs on Swap-bot
28. Try needle felting

Books and Movies
29. Get to 3000 books registered on BookCrossing
30. Get to 3000 wild releases on BookCrossing
31. Listen to Nightvale
32. Listen to the rest of the Sherlock Holmes tales
33. Read a biography of Van Gogh
34. Read a book and then watch the movie based on it for 5 different books
35. Read a book I've been meaning to read for years now. (Audiobooks don't count!)
36. Read all "found" books received prior to 10/1/2015
37. Read Doctor Who books
38. Reread/listen to Wheel of Time
39. Watch a movie I've always meant to see.
40. Watch all Tableau videos at work
41. Write a BookCrossing newsletter article

42. Fly first class
43. Get two new National Park Service stamps
44. Lobster Ride - 30 miles
45. See the Northern Lights
46. Visit Frontier Culture Museum
47. Visit Canada
48. Visit Charlestown, WV
49. Visit Chincoteague/Assateague
50. Visit New York City
51. Visit Philadelphia again
52. Visit Skyline Drive in the autumn and do some plein air sketching
53. Visit the Outer Banks
54. Visit York PA and take some factory tours

55. Bike the entire W&OD Trail
56. Go to Centreville Day
57. Go to SPX
58. Make three donations to local charities. [0/3]
59. Start hyperlocal tourism blog at Patch
60. Try Tim Horton's
61. Visit Prospero’s Books in Manassas
62. Visit the Poe House in Baltimore
63. Visit the Poe House in Richmond

64. Drive a go-cart
65. Go fruit picking (apple, peach, whatever)
66. Go hiking every weekend for a month
67. Make a pie on pi Day
68. Organize Markeroni photos
69. Put postcards in photo albums
70. Put something on YouTube
71. Read all "to read" bookmarks at work
72. Ride in a hot air balloon
73. Sample a new-to-me world cuisine
74. See three new-to-me bands live
75. Take one picture of each of the cats every month for a year.
76. Turn my handwriting into a font

77. Get new icons for thingism LJ
78. Post monthly 101/1001 updates
79. Blog about each Thing (intro/explanation)
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