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Thing 96b - Batch 1

96b. Send all postcards in my possession as of October 1, 2015

Put the first batch in the mail. 20 postcards in all, which of course didn't even make a dent. The drawing requests have been interesting. I'm learning a lot about how strange my friends really are. Here's my favorite so far (which I feel fine with posting here because the recipient doesn't know this blog exists):

2015-10-18 17.23.23


Thing 16b - Complete!

16b. Deal with belt collection

Date Completed: 16 October 2015

For years I've kept my belts slung over the bedpost, which isn't very useful considering (1) I get dressed in the study and (2) the kittens are chewers. So I took the collection, pitched a couple of the more gnarly ones, and put them in my study closet, which makes way more sense. Just one of those Things that is totally simple but probably never would have gotten done had I not put it on my list.



Thing 100b - Complete!

100b. Make paperback book of previous 101/1001

Date Complete: 15 October 2015

My first Thing finished! Yay! Through the combined magic of LJbook and Lulu, I now have a paperback book of my second round of 1001 days, rather sadly thinner than the first volume. But that's okay because I'm going to totally rock it this time around. I actually put this together over a week ago but it just arrived today.

Thing 96b: postcard madness

96b. Send all postcards in my possession as of October 1, 2015

I have a stack of postcards that I want to send. I just need recipients.

These are not local postcards from where I live. They are freebie postcards, art postcards, postcard books, and even postcards from places I've never been. (People sometimes give me blank postcards when they travel; I'm not sure what to do with them but send them on.)

If you would like to receive one, send me your address. Do not assume I have your address;* I am not that organized.

If you would like me to draw on the back of the postcard, tell me what. If you say you want a drawing but don't specify what, you will get a Yumachu and you will be disappointed.

If you would like to make a request regarding postcard theme, you're free to do so, but I make no promises to honor them. These are postcards I already own; buying new ones would defeat the purpose of this project.

*Except Reve, Kate, and Six. I definitely have their addresses.

Post script: This will be a long, ongoing project. Because holy jeez I have even more postcards than I realized.



Thing 92b Intro

92b. Post a picture of me holding Hook in August of each year

We adopted two kittens, Pan and Hook, in August 2014. My husband took a very cute picture of me holding Hook. A year later, I took another picture of me holding my now very much larger cat. I'd like to continue this tradition, even though there are only two Augusts in this 1001 days.



Thing 71a - Quickway Hibachi

71b. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 1/10

We were in Chantilly to visit eStarland, so we stopped by Westfields to see about eating at this one cafe I recalled liking. It turned out to be gone, so we tried Quickway instead. It was actually quite tasty: the vegetables were very fresh and crisp, and the meat had a good flavor, and it wasn't very expensive. A nice alternative to traditional fast food. We'll be going back for sure.


Thing 99b - the list

99b. Do one thing on my back-up list

When composing my current list, there were a large number of runner-up Things. Rather than choose, I decided to just make one generic Thing on this list to do something on that other list. But because I don't want to be fickle, here is that list, set in stone:

Backup ListCollapse )


Thing 30b - Intro

30b. Do an annual memory LJ post series

This title is kind of vague because I didn't know how best to describe it, so I'll go into a little more detail here. For blogtoberfest one year (last year?), my sister did a series of memory posts, one for each year going backwards. So if I did it this month, I'd post about 2014 today, 2013 tomorrow, etc. through the end of the month. So in this case I'm using the term "annual" to mean each post will cover one year, not that I plan on doing it every year.


Things 01b, 02b, and 03b - Starting point

01b. Bench press 200 lbs
02b. Dead lift 300 lbs
03b. Squat 350 lbs

As of my last assessment this past April, my maxes were:

Bench press: 135 lbs
Dead lift: 265 lbs
Squat: 295 lbs

The squat goal is easy. The bench press one is iffy.

My 101/1001 List b

Start Date: 1 October 2015
Finish Date: 28 June 2018
Last Updated: 25 September 2017
Current Progress: 29 Things Completed

bolded are complete
italics are in progress
strikeout are failed

01b. Bench press 200 lbs
02b. Dead lift 300 lbs
03b. Squat 350 lbs
04b. Donate blood
05b. Don't eat fast food for a month
06b. Get engagement ring fixed
07b. Get T. Rowe Price stuff sorted
08b. Get weight under 200 lbs
09b. Go to the gym every day for a month - 3/31/2017
10b. Make a will

Home and Car
11b. Clean car inside and out - 9/21/2017
12b. Clean out art supply drawers - 1/18/2016
13b. Clean out file cabinet - 5/30/2016
14b. Clean out left side of closet - shelves - 9/24/2017
15b. Clean out left side of closet - top shelf - 7/30/2016
16b. Deal with belt collection - 10/16/2015
17b. Deposit my pennies
18b. Fill desk drawers - 9/21/2017
19b. Frame and hang ASCMM poster
20b. Frame and hang Bill's Disney park maps
21b. Frame and hang Pixel Who poster
22b. Get a new desk chair
23b. Refinish front steps
24b. Ruthless clothing purge: pants - 9/24/2017
25b. Ruthless clothing purge: shirts - 7/25/2016
26b. Test all the pens and toss the ones that don't work - 2/6/2016

Art and Writing
27b. Big art project TBD
28b. Create a T-shirt quilt
29b. Disney Trip Book - 5/7/2016
30b. Do an annual memory LJ post series
31b. Fill at least one of these sketchbooks: purse, TAD, Everyday Matters
32b. Fill ten pages in general gluebook - 9/24/2017
33b. Finish S&R comic
34b. Host a project party - 2/20/2016
35b. Make a gluebook for my sweetie - 11/25/2015
36b. Make a gluebook for REDACTED - 9/10/2016
37b. Make a good faith attempt at NaNoWriMo
38b. Make quantifiable progress on the BRRP
39b. Pick three fairy tales and illustrate/comicize them
40b. Post, on average, one comic a month [18/33]
41b. Try out my easel and everything that came with it
42b. Do one of my drawing or writing books

Books and Movies
43b. Listen to Doctor Who audio dramas
44b. Read all the Death Note manga/novels
45b. Watch the Death Note movies
46b. Read one book of Bill's choosing
47b. Read one of Ixy's favorite books
48b. Read one of Kate's favorite books
49b. Read one of Reve's favorite books - 10/10/2016
50b. Read one of Six's favorite books
51b. Read TMNT comic collections
52b. Reread childhood picture books and post reviews
53b. Send 10 RABCKS
54b. Visit an OBCZ I've never been to before
55b. Walk into the library, select one book based on the cover, and spend a weekend reading it - 9/24/2017
56b. Buy a new book from an indie bookstore

57b. Attend a BookCrossing (Un)Convention
58b. Go on a solo road trip
59b. Go on an overnight trip with the girls
60b. Renew passport - 9/21/2017
61b. Take advantage of BoA free museum weekend - 7/2/2017
62b. Visit Ash Lawn
63b. Visit Appomattox
64b. Visit C/U - 6/23/2016
65b. Visit Colonial Williamsburg - 10/14/2016
66b. Visit David - 11/14/2015
67b. Visit Grandma - 6/23/2016
68b. Visit my sister

69b. Attend 5 plays - 5/4/2017
70b. Attend a local festival or fair
71b. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants - 1/8/2017
72b. Complete the Culpeper Gran Fondo - 8/5/2017
73b. Go on a Potomac cruise - 9/17/2016
74b. Go to a flea market - 1/17/2016
75b. Go to the top of the Washington Monument
76b. Start a hyperlocal tourism journal and make five entries
77b. Tour Ben Lomond
78b. Tour the Baltimore Zoo
79b. Visit Dinosaur Land - 5/29/2017
80b. Visit the Manassas Museum - 7/3/2016
81b. Vote in a primary election - 3/1/2016

82b. Achieve Inbox Zero at home
83b. Achieve Inbox Zero at work
84b. Do a link rot check on writing prompt websites list - 9/8/2017
85b. Eat a whole lobster with my hands
86b. Get another Ancestry.com account and update family trees
87b. Go a full month without playing any stupid pointless soul-sucking games (solitaire, kakuro, Neopets, etc.)
88b. Go completely unplugged for one weekend - 9/24/2017
89b. Make a good faith effort to go through Google Bookmarks
90b. Make good faith effort to go through "figure out later" folder
91b. Make three Kiva loans
92b. Post a picture of me holding Hook in August of each year
93b. Rejoin Markeroni
94b. Say "yes" to something I would not normally do - 11/12/2016
95b. See a performance of dueling pianos
96b. Send all postcards in my possession as of October 1, 2015
97b. Try absinthe

98b. Make a new 101/1001 list
99b. Do one thing on my back-up list - 10/29/2015
100b. Make paperback book of previous 101/1001 - 10/15/2015
101b. Donate $1 to charity for each goal left undone


101/1001 (take 2) wrap-up

Time flies. I didn't do so well this time around. I think part of it was starting so quickly after the last time, not giving myself enough time to get excited about the next list after the craziness of finishing the previous one.

Final Stats:

Things completed: 59
Things in progress: 13
Things never even started: 29

Topic breakdown [complete/in progress/total]

Personal: [4/1/8]
Car and Home: [10/0/12]
Art: [1/3/7]
Gluebooking: [3/1/4]
Reading: [2/2/6]
Watching: [4/0/5]
Projects: [6/0/11]
Markeroni: [3/5/8]
BookCrossing: [2/1/4]
Local: [12/0/17]
Travel: [3/0/5]
Misc.: [9/0/14]

Detailed DescriptionsCollapse )

On to the next! :D

Thing 73a - complete!

73a. Visit National Arboretum

Date Completed: 22 August 2015

6of8 and I explored the National Arboretum on a rather toasty late August day. We saw the herb garden and the bonsai exhibits. Quite pleasant, but why don't they sell postcards in the gift shop?

Thing 83a - Complete!

83a. Visit my sister

Date Completed: 20 July 2015

I stopped by my sister's place for a couple days after visiting a friend in Maine. It was nice, if all too short. We hiked the Quechee Gorge trail, watched glass blowers, picked up their farm share, watched a fantastically terrible movie, and generally had a lovely time. We really need to do this more often.

Thing 33a - Complete!

33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads)

Date Completed: 30 August 2015

I actually accomplished this months ago but was putting it off because I hadn't reviewed them. Now, well, now I just want to post it and be done. :)

197. Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
198. The Meaning of Everything by Simon Winchester
199. People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks
200. Tolstoy's Short Fiction by Leo Tolstoy

Thing 38a - Complete!

38a. Finish The Key to Time

Date Completed: 12 July 2015

Netflix Streaming and Hulu have different episodes available, and ultimately I had to get the final installment, “The Armageddon Factor,” on Netflix DVD. It was really strange seeing Lalla Ward playing opposite Mary Tamm, since she would be playing that same role the very next season. Anyway, I enjoyed it, but then I always expected to. Classic Who makes me happy. :)

Thing 21a - progress

21a. Complete 10 ATC swaps on Swap-bot

Current Progress: 4/10

My scanner was being stupid so I didn’t get a chance to scan them before mailing them off, but I completed two more ATC swap: Speedy Octopus ATC and Under the Sea.


Thing 5a - Complete!

5a. Write one thing I'm grateful for in my diary every day for a month

Date Completed: 30 June 2015

I haven’t kept my diary very faithfully for the last, oh, ten months or so, but I have stared keeping something akin to a bullet journal. Maybe because it doesn’t require full sentences or maybe because it’s just small enough to fit in my purse, I’ve found myself very much able to jot down what’s up every day. I don’t have the long meandering discussion of my feelings, but I hadn’t been doing that for a long time anyway, and besides, I always have random other notebooks for freewriting.

Anyway, throughout the month of June I wrote down something I was grateful for every single day. It really does help with your perspective, though often I’d have to write it down the following day because I tend not to write much in my bullet journal once I’ve come home from work. That’s okay; it’s more about the practice than the timing anyway.

Thing 33a - so close!

33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads)

Current Progress: 196/200

Four books to go! I thought about just quick digging up some children's books or something to polish this off but I'm kind of busy right now. Maybe later. Still, it feels SO GOOD to be caught up on reviews again!

159. Life Beyond Measure by Sidney Poitier
160. Bossypants by Tina Fey
161. City of Illusions by Ursula K. LeGuin
162. Vampirates: Tide of Terror by Justin Somper
163. To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis
164. You Have to F*****g Eat by Adam Mansbach
165. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe
166. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey by The Countess of Carnarvon
167. How I Paid for College by Marc Acito
168. Attack of the Theater People by Marc Acito
169. Summer Knight by Jim Butcher
170. Twilight: The Graphic Novel, vol. 2 by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim
171. The Fly by Elise Gravel
172. Death Masks by Jim Butcher
173. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
174. 'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy by Gavin Edwards
175. The Lynne Truss Treasury by Lynne Truss
176. Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory
177. Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick
178. Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster
179. A History of PI by Petr Beckmann
180. The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean
181. The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories by Susanna Clarke
182. Midnighters: Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld
183. The Silence of Murder by Dandi Daley Mackall
184. Stimulated! by Andrew Pek and Jeannine McGlade
185. Farscape: Dark Side of the Sun by Andrew Dymond
186. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
187. The Scavengers by Michael Perry
188. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes by John H. Watson
189. NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
190. Stories: All-New Tales edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio
191. Cosmos by Carl Sagan
192. My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster
193. Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
194. Barrel Fever by David Sedaris
195. Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks
196. Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman et al


Thing 32a - Complete!

32a. Get TBR pile under 50 books (even just temporarily)

I did it! Whoop whoop! The list below is the entirety of my TBR pile at this very moment. Now I just need to catch up on my reviews...

1 Peter Anghelides: Another Life
2 Isaac Asimov: Nightfall and Other Stories
3 Trevor Baxendale: Torchwood: The Undertaker's Gift
4 Peter S. Beagle: The Folk of the Air
5 Colin Brake: The Price of Paradise
6 Jim Butcher: Proven Guilty
7 Jim Butcher: Dead Beat
8 Julia Cameron: The Right to Write
9 Stephen Cole: The Feast of the Drowned
10 Stephen Cole: The Art of Destruction
11 Dorothy Daniels: The Tower Room
12 Kenneth C. Davis: Don't Know Much About the Bible
13 Sharlee Dieguez: The Bearded Lady
14 Richard P. Feynman: The Meaning of It All
15 Hyde Flippo: The German Way
16 Rice Freeman-Zachery: Creative Time and Space
17 Stephen Fry: The Liar
18 Bonni Goldberg: Room to Write
19 Natalie Goldberg: Thunder and Lightning
20 Natalie Goldberg: Wild Mind
21 Douglas R. Hofstadter: Godel, Escher, Bach
22 Judy Jones: An Incomplete Education
23 Jen Lancaster: My Fair Lazy
24 Ursula K. Le Guin: The Beginning Place
25 Stephen Lyons: The Stealer of Dreams
26 Augusta Moore: The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife
27 Grant Naylor: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
28 Grant Naylor: Better Than Life
29 Beatrix Potter: Giant Treasury of Peter Rabbit
30 Kris Radish: Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral
31 Jacqueline Rayner: Winner Takes All
32 Jacqueline Rayner: The Stone Rose
33 Mike Resnick: Adventures
34 Mike Resnick: The Return of Santiago
35 Mike Resnick: The Buntline Special
36 Mike Resnick: Stalking the Dragon
37 Justin Richards: The Deviant Strain
38 Justin Richards: The Resurrection Casket
39 Gareth Roberts: Only Human
40 Mark Russell: God is Disappointed in You
41 Carl Sagan: Cosmos
42 David Sedaris: Barrel Fever
43 Hershel Shanks: Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls
44 Mike Tucker: The Nightmare of Black Island
45 Brenda Ueland: If You Want to Write
46 Tim Waggoner: The Roads Not Taken
47 Scott Westerfeld: Blue Noon
48 Roger Zelazny: Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming
49 Roger Zelazny: If at Faust You Don't Succeed

Thing 65a - Complete!

65a. Do a TBR sweep

Date Completed: 28 December 2014

My TBR started at 100 books (which is amateur hour compared to most BookCrossers), and is now down to 68, plus I pulled a bunch of books that I'd never even put on the list in the first place but still wasn't going to read. The shelves look kind of stupid now, what with the random gaps here and there. On the bright side, everything fits for the first time in ages, with the exception of a couple of oversized books which will require a complete reorganization to accommodate. It feels good to downsize.

Thing 33a - update at last!

33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads)

Finally caught up! Whoop whoop!

Current Progress: 158/200 (79%)

113. Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde
114. Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
115. A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
116. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
117. Don't Know Much about Geography by Kenneth C. Davis
118. The Know-It-All by A.J. Jacobs
119. The Water Castle by Megan Frazer Blakemore
120. Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
121. Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane by Suzanne Collins
122. Long Quiet Highway by Natalie Goldberg
123. First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde
124. Lexicon by Max Barry
125. Neptune's Brood by Charles Stross
126. Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson
127. Tokyo Fiancee by Amelie Nothomb
128. Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards
129. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
130. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
131. Junius and Albert's Adventures in the Confederacy by Peter Carlson
132. Eiger Dreams by Jon Krakauer
133. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
134. The Bookman's Tale by Charlie Lovett
135. A Gazillion Little Bits by Claudia Brevis
136. The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz (abridged)
137. The Hit by Melvin Burgess
138. Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell
139. Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde
140. Dreamwood by Heather Mackley
141. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell
142. World War Z by Max Brooks
143. The Book of Madness and Cures by Regina O'Melveny
144. The Gates by John Connolly
145. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch
146. The Infernals by John Connolly
147. Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch
148. Fearless by Cornelia Funke
149. Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein
150. Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch
151. Thunderstruck by Erik Larson
152. Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch
153. Lies Across America by James W. Loewen
154. 11/22/63 by Stephen King
155. 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth and Other Useful Guides by Matthew Inman
156. Dark of the Moon by John Sandford
157. Doctor Who: The Monsters Inside by Stephen Cole
158. The Children Act by Ian McEwan


Thing 2a - complete!

2a. Go to the dentist

Date completed: 29 September 2014

I'd noticed the floss snagging between two of my teeth, so I finally went to the dentist for the first time in, like, five years. My gums are really great, but I have five cavities (including the fracture that was catching my floss), which will be filled this Friday. Ugh, but better now than later.

One Year Left

According to my calculations, yesterday marked one year left of our 1001 days. Which means I should be somewhere around two thirds of the way done, which I totally am not, but that's all right.

I am in progress on several Things, so here's a quick update on some of those:

7a. Complete Podrunner Gateway to 8k - I'm currently in week four of First Day to 5k. I'm doing a modified version. I'm trying to run every week's mix three times but most of the time it ends up being just twice. However, weeks 5 and 6 have three mixes each, and I plan on treating each of those as individual weeks, so over all I'll be taking a lot longer to finish the program. Which is fine. I plan on tackling Gateway to 8k more traditionally. I fully expect it to kick my ass.

34a. Read TMNT comic collections - One and a half volumes left, if I recall correctly.

35a. Read Doctor Who books - I've only read one of the twelve so far. It was good, but I need to space them out. Unlike the show, I don't think I can binge on the books.

39a. Watch SFF DVD collection - This may end up being a failure, because my computer keeps saying there are errors on the discs. I'll try them in the TV, or maybe even my laptop, before giving up.

23a. Finish S&R comic & 46a. Make S&R book & 47a. Make BRRP vol. 1 - I do not anticipate any of these being finished within the next year. I'll call it a win if I even make any progress on them, to be honest.

55a. Organize Markeroni photos - They're currently organized into states. I want to further sort them into subfolders based on marker type (state, Civil War Trails, etc.), but that hasn't happened yet.

99a. Help Spunkie accomplish a thing - Pretty sure she's not actually doing this anymore. But that's okay. Another dollar to charity is never bad.

And now a quick roundup, in which I discover that I actually have completed one less Thing than I thought.
done/in progress/not started:

Personal: 2/1/5
Car and Home: 7/1/4
Art: 1/3/3
Gluebooking: 3/1/0
Reading: 0/4/2
Watching: 3/0/2
Projects: 5/1/5
Markeroni: 3/2/3
BookCrossing: 1/1/2
Local: 11/0/6
Travel: 2/0/3
Misc.: 7/1/6

TOTAL: 45/15/41

Thing 29a - complete!

29a. Make a purple color sketchbook

Date Completed: 31 August 2014

This was finished largely thanks to two marathon sessions at 6of8's house. It was fun to do but I don't see myself doing another single-color journal.


Thing 3a - complete!

3a. Take an online course

Date Completed: 16 August 2014

Today I finished Sketchbook Skool: Beginnings, a six-week course about starting to draw your life. It was marvelous and I hope its lessons will stick with me - or at least the habit of drawing regularly, which is why I took it in the first place.

More detailed thoughts and a few picturesCollapse )

All in all, a really great class. It gave me a lot more confidence when drawing with pen or in public. All drawing is drawing practice, after all, and you'll never get any good at anything if you don't do it a lot.

Now I just need to get my hands on a water brush.

Thing 30a - complete!

30a. Fill Jem journal gluebook

Begun: February 14, 2005
Finished: July 27, 2014

Since this book had no theme, the pages are filled with all kinds of weirdness, both funny and serious. Sometimes I wonder how much you'd learn about my personality by looking through my gluebooks. Probably more than I (or you) would be comfortable with.

On to the next!


Thing 13a - Complete!

13a. Clean out cabinet under bathroom sink

Date Completed: 6 July 2014

With my parents visiting next week, I decided to get this out of the way. I filled a trash bag with crap, mostly long-expired medicine. The oldest I found was some Pepto Bismol that had expired in 2006. That means it expired before we moved into this house. Craziness.

But anyway, there's loads more room in there now and a lot of stuff, like the first aid stuff, is consolidated into bins. If you don't mind seeing my toiletries, there are pictures under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

Thing 52a - complete!

52a. 2014 Project

Date Completed: 28 June 2014

I have decided that this year's project is the reorganization of my study. It's not a big project - it took most of a day - but it is pretty major and will change the way I do things at home.

Basically, I got a second desk. Now I have a smaller one for my computer and a larger one for crafts. Having a large one for both computer and crafts just wasn't working. Unfortunately, the recliner had to go (it's going to be in the living room, I think, because it's way too comfy to throw out) and the file cabinet is now in the bedroom, but everything else remained.

I like it. I think it'll be a big help. Sorry for the quality of the photos - the sun shines brightly in my southern-facing windows.

Click to embiggen:

photo 1
photo 2

photo 3
photo 4

Thing 28a - complete!

28a. Fill GST gluebook

Date Completed: 14 June 2014

My first Gluestick Tourist spread in this journal (that is, a collage made from pamphlets picked up while traveling) was in August 2011. Less than three years later, it is full. On to the next!


Thing 68a - complete!

68a. Attend 5 plays

Date completed: 10 May 2014

My husband and I caught the closing performance of Chapter Two, put on by the Reston Community Players. The hubs was both sound designer and assistant director, so it was nice to see what had been taking him away from me so many nights a week for the last few months. It was a good show - funny but also touching. Neil Simon is usually a good bet, though.

Thing 66a - complete!

66a. Volunteer at the library

Date Completed: 3 May 2014

My local library had a book sale, and I volunteered. I showed up before the library opened and spent the next 4ish hours lugging books around: tidying up sections, turning the books to face the same direction, filling in spaces as people took books, moving books into their correct subject locations, taking empty boxes to the back, bringing full boxes out front. It was fun, appealing to my inner organizer. I told one of the ladies that I could do any heavy lifting. I don't think she believed me until I hoisted a box of cookbooks like it was nothing. After that, she'd call me over whenever there was a box of heavy books to move. :) I was supposed to go back this afternoon, but I woke up feeling ill so I'm staying home. But I'll probably help out next time there's a sale.

Thing 23a

23a. Finish S&R comic

Hooray! I found it! For some reason I had stuffed everything into a bag: script, page layouts, finished panels, character sketches, pencils, art markers, everything. And then the bag somehow ended up in my closet under a pile of backpacks and purses. I don't understand; I'm just glad I found it and don't have to start over from scratch.


Thing 90a - complete!

90a. Fly a kite

Date Completed: 26 April 2014

just_the_things was generous enough to invite me to fly kites with her Harry Potter group. It was a lovely, gusty day down on the National Mall. My $2 TMNT kite performed admirably, despite Donatello's tendency to suddenly veer right and plow into the ground.


Halfway Through!

According to my calculations, today is Day 500, the halfway mark. Here's my current progress:

36 completed
17 in progress
48 not yet started

Personal: [1/1/8]
Car and Home: [6/1/12]
Art: [1/3/7]
Gluebooking: [0/4/4]
Reading: [0/2/6]
Watching: [3/0/5]
Projects: [4/1/11]
Markeroni: [3/2/8]
BookCrossing: [1/1/4]
Local: [9/1/17]
Travel: [2/0/5]
Misc.: [6/1/14]

Only mildly alarming - I'm not as far as I'd hoped but still feeling confident about a lot of them. In fact, I may be checking off a few within the next couple of weeks. Here's to the next 500 days! :D


Thing 58a

58a. Reach 4000 snarfs on Markeroni

Current progress: 3707/4000 (92.675%)

Less than 300 to go! It's actually starting to feel truly doable, especially as I have a few dozen from Baltimore as well as the majority of Antietam (and all of Gettysburg) left to log. Very exciting! Now I just need to find some time to sit down and do it.


Thing 64a

64a. Get to 3000 wild releases on BookCrossing

I just wanted to mention that as of right now I am at 2305 wild releases. I kind of wish I'd gone with 2500 as my goal, since 700 releases in 500 days feels like way more than is humanly possible. The recent jump is because of Kensington coming up next weekend, but I won't be staying there all day so I won't be able to re-release any of the leftovers. I'll probably have to hit a library sale or three before Gaithersburg. And just increase my wild releasing habits in general. It's something that's not on my mind nearly often enough.


Thing 68a - Xanadu

68a. Attend 5 plays

Current Progress: 4/5

This past Saturday night my husband and I saw the Reston Community Players production of Xanadu. I've never seen the reportedly terrible movie, and before RCP staged it I didn't know the musical even existed, but I had been told to expect roller skates, Greek mythology, and a heaping helping of the 1980s. And wow, did it ever deliver. Clio, the leader of the nine Muses, comes to earth to inspire chalk muralist Sonny Malone to embrace his artistic dreams. He wants to create a space where all the arts come together: dance, music, painting, even athletics. He wants to build....a roller disco! ("How timeless!") Meanwhile, Clio's older sisters Melpomene and Calliope plot to curse her to fall in love with a human (strictly forbidden), but mostly just succeed in stealing the show.  (Especially Calliope, played by Emily Jonas, who was by far my favorite character in the entire show.) The music is all '80s pop, including some familiar hits like Evil Woman and Strange Magic.

It took me a couple scenes to realize that the acting was supposed to be campy, melodramatic, and completely over-the-top, but once I did I really began to enjoy myself. The humor is not subtle: people sing guitar solos, dance around on roller skates, speak in hilariously terrible accents, and are all generally ridiculous. I laughed hard and often.

In addition to never taking itself at all seriously, with only a single act Xanadu doesn't drag or overstay its welcome. This production in particular kept things moving at a steady clip, with quick dialog and upbeat songs and, more often than not, something bizarre going on in the background. Definitely recommended if you get the chance, but be prepared for some intense silliness.


Thing 72a - complete!

72a. Visit Glen Echo Park

Date Completed: 2 March 2014


Glen Echo Park is a semi-abandoned amusement park from the early 1900s. I say semi-abandoned because clearly a national park isn't abandoned, but it's no longer an amusement park and most of the buildings have been left more or less untouched on the outside. It's a center for the arts now, with the carousel the only still-functioning attraction. It's a lot smaller than I'd realized, and while it was interesting to look at, I think a gifted photographer like my husband would have a field day there. Maybe sometime in the summer I might go back to see the carousel, which was closed for the season.

Nearby is the Clara Barton National Historic Site, which offers hourly tours. Unfortunately I arrived ten minutes after the hour and was too tired to try again after wandering around the park. Still, I enjoyed reading about her and seeing her house.

Reposted from my GST spread.

Thing 67a - complete!

67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Date Completed: 25 February 2014

BGR is a pretty decent burger joint that opened up near my old apartment sometime since I moved out. It's a favorite among my coworkers so we went there for lunch today. It was pretty good. I just got a cheeseburger and fries, but the burger-of-the-month is reportedly yummy pretty much all the time. This month's involved jalapenos so I passed. I might have to try some of their specialty burgers before I form an opinion. My meal was plenty tasty, but nothing special.

Thing 33a

33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads)

Current Progress: 112/200 (56%)

92. Standing Up by Marion Grodin
93. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
94. Solomon the Peacemaker by Hunter Welles
95. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
96. People of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau
97. Broken Allegiance by Mark Young
98. Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
99. Undead by Kirsty McKay
100. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
101. Obstacles by Chris Reardon
102. The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson
103. The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol
104. The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde
105. The Conspiracy Kid by E.P. Rose
106. Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke
107. The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey
108. Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant
109. Noodles by Michael Zulli
110. Reckless by Cornelia Funke
111. The Law of Superheroes by James Daily and Ryan Davidson
112. The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland

Thing 87a - Complete!

87a. Do one Day Trip Through History

Date Completed: 16 February 2014

6of8 and I drove out to sunny Odessa, Delaware, where we saw #64 and #65 in the book: the Corbit-Sharp House and the Wilson-Warner House. We also brunched at Cantwell's Tavern. Delightful. Probably more fun in the warmer months, though. Not even the visitors center was open.


Thing 14a - complete!

14a. Hang curtains in study

Date Completed: 12 February 2014

Finally hung these things today. For a long time we were busy or lazy, then my husband tried to buy the curtain rod but couldn't find the hooks, then vice versa, but then we finally had both and so now they're up. My husband doesn't like the fabric - they're little singing turtles - but I'm okay with him being wrong.


Thing 68a - Les Miserables

68a. Attend 5 plays

Current Progress: 3/5

Last night we saw Reston Community Players' production of Les Miserables. My thoughts, let me show you them:

1. I really miss the revolving stage.
2. Valjean was excellent. And strangely reminded me of the singer from the FreeCreditReport commercials.
3. On the whole, it was played much more melodramatically than I like, and some of the songs felt rushed, but I still really enjoyed it.
4. I was slightly disappointed with Javert's singing, but I can't fault the actor because I am very particular about that role.
5. Marius was apparently played by Wesley Crusher. I hadn't known he could sing.
6. Bill commented that it seemed like every single character got a big solo number to complain about how much their life sucks. I reminded him of the name of the play.
7. Bringing the bishop back at the end was a nice touch.
8. Gavroche was adorable and I wasn't the least bit surprised that he'd previously played Oliver.
9. I made it all the way to Who Am I before catching myself mouthing along. (I also did this on a plane while watching the recent film version. I'm not sure I can help it.)
10. The Thenardiers were just great, though Monsieur seemed to be doing a Captain Jack Sparrow impression.
11. Man, how I miss the revolving stage.


Thing 67a - Rosemary's Thyme

67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 9/10

This afternoon we all went to Rosemary's Thyme for a friend's birthday brunch. It's less than five miles from my house so it's kind of stupid that we haven't eaten there before, but we really enjoyed it. My husband had cured salmon (if there is smoked salmon on the menu, he will order it) and I got a cheddar and mushroom omelet. Both came with home fries and fruit, and it was all quite tasty. I also had a French martini (raspberry vodka, Chambord, and pineapple juice) which was yummy and very strong. Definitely a sipping drink. :) We'll definitely be coming back here again.


Thing 93a - complete!

93a. Create paperback book of previous 101/1001 journal

Date Completed: 24 January 2014

The book arrived, along with the 2012 and 2013 versions of my LJBook. It's thicker than I'd expected - I guess I was pretty chatty. :)

Thing 93a - almost there!

93a. Create paperback book of previous 101/1001 journal

I FINALLY fixed the formatting issue with my journal and got the whole thing buttoned up with LJBook and sent it onto Lulu. I'm going to wait until it actually arrives to mark this done, but man does it feel good to have finally identified and fixed the stupid thing.


Thing 6a - Complete!

6a. Buy new brown and black dress and work shoes

Date Completed: 10 January 2014

After several fruitless journeys to assorted shoe stores, I finally gave up and ordered online: black and brown versions of Skechers shoes I already own. These replacements are long overdue.

photo 1
Old Shooz

photo 2
New Shooz

Thing 67a - Alto Plaza and Celadon Thai

67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 8/10

Alto Plaza: A relatively new Mexican place in my hometown. My husband is extremely picky about Mexican food (he got really spoiled by living in Dallas for five years), so while he's out of town I took the opportunity to give it a try. And, honestly, it wasn't all that great. It wasn't bad - just fairly mediocre Mexican food. I had the chicken fajitas, which were fine, though the service was pretty slow. I doubt I'll be going back there again, when there are plenty of tasty (and cheaper) places around to choose from.

Celadon Thai Cuisine: I stopped for dinner at this little place in Springfield on my way to a party in Burke. I had the Pad Thai (which is really the only thing I ever order in Thai restaurants) and it was tasty. I'll probably eat there again if I'm in the area.


Thing 21a

21a. Complete 10 ATC swaps on Swap-bot

Current Progress: 2/10

Finally got started on these. I like making ATCs but it can be very tiring at times. I also like to collect them - I have a lovely binder of them that can always use new additions. I wasn't feeling too energetic today but I did manage to make a couple of swaps:

ATC bizarre, wacky, & unique holidays DEC.

ATC Postage stamp collage #2


Thing 11a

11a. Deal with postcard collection

I used to collect postcards. I had a wall where I pasted them all up, one by one, covering every available square inch. When I moved to a house I decided not to hang the again, and they ended up in a bag. Even after thinning them there were still way too many. Check it out:

photo (2)photo (3)

So today I went through them all, one by one. There were so many - ones I'd kept from my PostCrossing days, ones from friends and family, ones I'd purchased as souvenirs from places I'd visited. There were also a surprising number of blank ones other people had given me, though I don't know whether they intended for me to send them to other people. Would that be rude? I'm not sure what else to do with blank postcards from places I've never been. For now they sit in a pile on a shelf.

I pitched a bunch of them, saving some of the more interesting stamps for a collection I likewise am not sure what to do with. A few other bits and pieces were put in my ephemera stash. I saved some, almost exclusively from friends and family, and put them back into the bag. I did not fully decide what to do with this mess, but I did pare it down considerably:

photo (4)

So what next? I don't know. For now I'm marking this as "in progress".


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